Octagon Stars and More


The Octagon Stars doll bed quilt is growing. Now it’s approximately 10″ x 23″. I thought it would start to grow faster once I got those first two rows done and I was right. Now I’ll add another row of red octagons and diamonds, then make another 7 stars surrounded by squares and the next row will be done. The stars are fast to put together as each seam is only .75″ – so one load of stitches on the needle and it’s done. Adding the squares is the same – each seam is only .75″ and when adding the squares it’s lots and lots of lovely continuous stitching.

Yesterday a new Inklingo collection was released – Periwinkle Octagon. The collection contains the octagon that is the perfect size along with the diamonds and squares in the free Inklingo collection to make the Octagon Stars in a larger size.


The octagon is almost twice as big as the .75″ one I’m working with in the doll bed quilt. It’s 1.32″, as are the diamonds in the free collection. Side by side, it’s easy to see how much difference there is between the diamonds – the octagons are similarly quite a bit different in size.

Wait!  There’s more!


There is this wonderful little kite shape in the Periwinkle Octagon collection. It lends itself to all sorts of fun design ideas! I was almost paralyzed with indecision yesterday after downloading the new collection. At one point I had 3 sets of fabrics on my desk as I contemplated different ideas.


I finally chose some older shabby chic FQs, printed a few sheets of the kite and one of white diamonds and was off to the races. This is what I’m making. The periwinkle stars, as I’m thinking of them, are quick and fun to stitch. This first quilt I’m making with the kite is going to be a small one – possibly even a small table runner.


Seams graded and little stars pressed.


Other ideas are afoot and yet another set of fabrics is waiting in the wings for one of those ideas.

But wait! There’s yet more!


There is going to be a “reverse” mystery quilt, Inklingo Periwinkle. You can read all about it on the “New Periwinkle Octagon” post on the All About Inklingo blog. It’s perfect for anyone who questions doing a mystery quilt without knowing what the final quilt is going to look like. This way we know what it will look like, and there will be lessons on the All About Inklingo blog rather than clues. I love the look of this quilt and am pretty sure I’m going to do it in pinks (big surprise — not!) and greens with white. So if you’ve been thinking about trying Inklingo, this is a great way to jump in – a really pretty quilt design, a collection that is on sale for $20 and lessons on everything to do with making it from printing to stitching!


Baxter and a kitty friend, along with some other critters, are tending the periwinkle garden.


Mr. Q.O. calls this look “Harumph!”

14 thoughts on “Octagon Stars and More

  1. They are all lovely, Cath! Those pinks are marvelous – I can’t wait to see what you do with them! Give sweet Baxter a hug for me….. his harumph look makes me want to kiss his little kitty nose!


  2. Oh Cathi…the Inklingo Periwinkle quilt design is lovely!!!! Pink or blue will both be winning quilts! Wish I didn’t have so much “life” interfering with quality quilting time…ugh!!! ;-)))) Congrats on a clever design…now we know what secrets you have been keeping! ;-))))


  3. As soon as I started reading this post I knew that you were going to get distracted again LOL. Love the new projects though :0)



  4. Love how the little quilt is coming along.
    Periwinkle looks like a lovely design, you’ll have fun with that, but will you do it with big or tiny pieces? 🙂


  5. This is so beautiful Cathi!~ I am a few posts behind on commenting, it sure is fun to catch up! 🙂
    I see Gary Gator is helping in the garden.
    Alllll that you do is so inspiring.


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