An Early Birthday Gift

Late  Monday, a box arrived. A box full of absolutely wonderful very early birthday gifts from an incredibly generous friend.


The first thing out of the box was this wonderful wool batt. It’s the perfect size for my Drunkard’s Path variation done in the French General Rouenneries line. I have the binding and backing for it ready. So all that’s left to do is get it basted and the hand quilting will begin.


Next out of the box was this stack of luscious pink batiks. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know that pink is my favourite colour. And that I firmly believe one can never have too many batiks!


Then this incredible stack of FQs – Paris Flea Market FQs, that is. I remember when that line first came out years ago. I still have some small scraps left from some pieces of the line I had from the first time. I’m already planning the quilt that will be made with these beauties, but for a while I’m just going to admire the beautiful stack. The quilt I’m planning will have some of the pink batiks in it as well as some other shabby chic fabrics from my stash. It will be such a joy to hand piece these gorgeous fabrics. Once the FQs are washed, I will start printing on them and get the shapes cut out. And now I know what the empty project box from yesterday’s post is going to contain.


Baxter thought the best part of the whole thing was that there was a box for him to explore. It’s a nice big box, loads of room for him to turn around. We were lucky to get this picture of him as he was quite busy inspecting every inch of that box. An empty box on the floor is a definite kitty magnet.

Jays openerwtmk

Last night was the Blue Jays’ home opener. Baxter and his pals were all ready for the game.

18 thoughts on “An Early Birthday Gift

  1. Oooh, I’ll bet those Paris Flea Market FQs are beautiful!

    It looks like it’ll be a great season for the Blue Jays – some exciting trades over the winter! Go Jays! (Right up until the ALCS – then, go Tigers LOL!)

    Cappy makes a great mascot.


  2. love all that fabric! I have not used wool batting – do you love it to hand quilt? does it shrink up just a little to give the antique look to quilts?


  3. WOW, such a great friend that you have! Have fun with all those luscious fabrics!
    Boxes and cats were made for each other. Great photo! And then the cats and their baseball, Cappy is so cute!


  4. Wow, what a great parcel. I’ve heard marvellous things about the Tuscany wool batting, but we can’t get it here so am going to get some of their Heirloom wool batting instead. Interested to hear what you think of the Tuscany once you’ve used it.
    Does that batik bundle mean you can get the water-colour bundles again? Just as I went to buy some, they stopped selling them.
    I’m currently plotting how to maximise the amount of stuff I can buy in Bali, so start thinking up a wishlist of colours 🙂


  5. Nice gift! How exciting to receive all those great fabrics.

    Poor Baxter! Must have been disappointed after all the hype! My sons were at the game… Way up in the very last row! I can’t wait till Saturday and its my turn!


  6. Happy early Birthday! What a wonderful box full of possibilities for future projects–the best kind of gift. And even a box for Baxter. Paris Flea Market is one of my favorite lines of all time. One of my very first quilts was made from this. Best wishes!


  7. Those pinks are so pretty. 🙂
    Baxter is a HOOT!~ lol I remember playing with boxes when I was a child. Love the ‘toon today. 🙂


  8. What a fabulous gift, Cath! You must have wonderful friends Have fun with all that fabric! (Like you need me to tell you to have fun with fabric… ha!)


  9. What a great friend you have and wonderful gifts! Your cat Baxter cracks me up, I never seen a cat yet that’s couldn’t resist an empty box,lol.


    • What a beautiful stack of fabrics to play with—and a very generous friend!! I love the wool batting. Baxter looks like he is having lots of fun in his new “box” home. I have some of the paris flea market fabrics—they are so well coordinated. What are you going to make from them???


  10. Looks like a VERY SWEET FRIEND INDEED! Such a nice box of goodies, and a box that is also a gift. Bonus. Enjoy. Those FQs. are one of my fave sets…so jealousy has just set-in. (but I’m going to the Creative Festival in Mississauga, end of April for my BD – so there!) hahah.. Cheers,


  11. What wonderful gifts! Happy Birthday! I love the fabrics and have it on my list to buy…I am a huge pink lover…love it! I have to get a bundle or even just a piece of the Paris Flea Market. A must have 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it’s always nice to find new talent to visit and your blog is certainly full of talent!
    btw…I think our home team played the jays last night & our opening day Friday, has heavy rain in the forecast…we are having a wet cold Spring here.
    see you soon,


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