Grading the Harpsichord Blocks


Saturday night I graded the seams on all the harpsichord quilt blocks done to date. I had actually picked up the project box, thinking I’d stitch a few more when I realized I really needed to get the grading done before I went any further. There are a lot of little seams in each block, so it took some time to get these all done. I can’t imagine what a daunting task this would have been had I left it until all the blocks for the quilt were stitched. From here on, as I finish each harpsichord block I will immediately grade the seams.

I don’t know why I expect to get any stitching done when Downton Abbey is on. Last night very little was done as I can’t take my eyes off the screen when it’s on. It seems like it just started and already next week is the season finale.


This was the view of the roof garden Thursday.


And this was the view Saturday – once it finally stopped snowing. In comparison to many places, we didn’t get a lot of snow but for us in downtown Toronto a foot of snow is quite a bit. It sounds like we’re going to have a lot of rain today, so I imagine a most of this will be washed away.


Baxter and Cappy were giving a harpsichord pattern recital.


Baxter was resting up Sunday afternoon, getting ready to do some sleuthing today when the next clue comes out for the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt.

7 thoughts on “Grading the Harpsichord Blocks

  1. Baxter, I’m looking forward to your recital! I know you don’t like the snow, but it is very pretty……Downton Abbey is shown here too, but I haven’t been able to get into it. But that’s OK, the world would be dull if we all liked the same things!


  2. Your pictures look like the same view as my sons. You don’t live anywhere near the Rogers centre do you? I wrote about you on my blog today and put you in my newsletter that comes out on Friday. You got me started on something bigger than both of us… I am hooked for life on inklingo. Thank you!


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