Tiny Bright Stars

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been rummaging through my stash looking for just the right fabrics for a special project. I knew they had to be bright and very small-scale prints or tone-on-tone fabrics as whatever blocks I would make would be small. I found these fabrics. Once I found them, I knew exactly what I was going to make.


The little quilt will be made with either 40 or 80 of these little 2.5″ LeMoyne Stars. I’m still not sure about the setting. But knowing how much I love stitching the little stars, I printed enough of the diamonds on the back of the fabrics to make 80 stars. If I don’t use them all in this project, they won’t go to waste as I know I’ll use them in others. I put a nickel in with them to give an idea of scale.


The back of one of the little stars. The seams aren’t yet graded but that will be done as soon as I decide on how I’m setting them. Because they’re so tiny, they’re very quick to stitch. These were stitched in slightly over an hour.


Seems Baxter and his friends are starting a series of adventures at Tabby Abbey.


He was relaxing on the couch last night.

17 thoughts on “Tiny Bright Stars

  1. Only your blocks look as tantalizing on the back as the front! The center looks just
    like a yummy peppermint…cute!!! Your stitching is so amazing…and so prolific!!! Hmm, sounds like Baxter has been snuggled up watching the tellie with you! 😉
    Hugs and happy stitching!


  2. Those stars are adorable, love them!! You sure have a bunch of special projects going, can’t wait to see what they turn into! I don’t know how you get anything done with Downton Abbey. I’m not current on it, but got the first three seasons on DVD for Christmas. The hubby and I are totally hooked, but they’re so involved that I can’t even stitch while watching!


  3. A beautiful beginning to a new project. Love the colors–it reminds me of early summer. Oh look at Baxter all dressed up in his evening clothes 🙂 Can’t wait for the further adventures on Tabby Abbey.


  4. Here’s a setting idea for your tiny Le Moyne stars: http://www.stellarubinantiques.com/items/471469/enlargement471469sra.html
    It would use .75″ squares, the .75″ octagon, and a few more .75″ diamonds for an accent. I’ve never seen this particular design anywhere else and its been on my mind for awhile. I was excited when the Hunter Star collections were released since it made a miniature version of the quilt entirely Inklingoable but .75″ is just too small for me. But I love seeing your miniature blocks enlarged on my monitor! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful work that you do.


  5. Oh my gosh!!!~ Tabby Abbey!~ Mr. Q.O. really has outdone himself this time!!!~ lol
    I see Mr. Gator is even in the mix. What a FUN time they are having. I look forward to many more of their adventures there…

    I love the little stars Cathi. Very beautiful.


  6. oops! Just left a comment and got booted out. 😦 Was saying that I love your little blocks very much – I assume you are hand piecing them the old fashioned way, tracing & cutting from pattern pieces? I am doing hand applique on an orange peel quilt right now and have made about 130 5″ squares so far.


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