Inklingo Mystery Quilt

The first ever Inklingo Mystery Quilt, “The Case of the Secret Garden,” has begun. The first clue is available to download. The quilt will be made with the New York Wheel collection that I used to make the White Picket Fence block.


The first clue is about picking out fabrics and getting freezer paper cut and ready to use. So yesterday, after an eye doctor appointment, I rummaged through my stash and picked out these fabrics. While you can’t really tell from the photo, there is a white on white beneath the brown and that will be my light. I have a roll of freezer paper ready and will cut the sizes I need this afternoon. I think I have an idea what shapes to print on which fabrics but have decided to play it safe and wait for the next clue. Next week can’t come fast enough for me!


Baxter and the boys were out for another motorcycle ride. This time Baxter had a little passenger riding along in a sidecar.


Last night he was lounging about on the top of his kitty tree.

13 thoughts on “Inklingo Mystery Quilt

  1. Those “Bike Katz” are cool!~ Wonder where their journey will take them?!~?!? I can only imagine. They are something else. I think it is a great idea for Linda to do a mystery quilt and I love the name. Your fabric choices are very pretty. Can’t wait to watch it all come together!~


  2. It will be a long week waiting. Love the sidecar, somewhere I have a very old photo of my Dad with his motorbike and sidecar, way back in the 1920’s!!! Do you have more fabric to select? Great idea to have a mystery, lots of anticipation and delight when the lext installment arrives. Cheers from Jean


  3. I so want to do this but my computer is still not working AND this one will not run Adobe. My poor husband had to listen to many a rant this weekend over the ongoing computer issues!! lol


  4. This is exciting. Glad to see there is a button. I will put one on my blog, too.
    Love your fabric choices… sew sew pretty!
    Baxter looks so majestic lounging atop his ‘tree’… but then he always does! Such a handsome kitty.


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