White Picket Fence Block


One 12″ New York Wheel block that I am definitely calling the White Picket Fence block. I’m going to rummage through my stash for a mauve/purple that will work as a border and that will be it. This will be a little spring wallhanging quilt. It was fun to stitch and I know I’m going to make loads more with the New York Wheel collection.


After pressing and grading all the seams, this is the back.

Between the Inklingo New York Wheel collection and the three New York Beauty collections, the possibilities are endless. I know I’m going to start a new stained glass/Tiffany wall quilt with all of the collections and began printing some shapes on fabrics for it last night. The Saturday post on All About Inklingo with some of the variations possible really got my mind flying with ideas.

We were back into the deep freeze on the weekend, but the groundhog here says an early spring. Oh, how I hope he was right! I’ve had enough of cold winter weather.


All the talk about a white picket fence seems to have brought out the gardener in today’s Baxtertoon.


We caught him in the midst of a yawn. Or was he laughing? Guess we’ll never know!

6 thoughts on “White Picket Fence Block

  1. Your fabric choices are just right for the coming spring! Now, I hope for your sake that Willie the groundhog was right…..but I read that he is accurate only 37% of the time, so don’t plant those spring flowers too soon, Baxter!


  2. That is a great block! I can just see you turning that block into other variations and great quilts!
    Baxter looks so cute in his blue overalls! And what’s this, a 4th friend! The real Baxter looks fierce! 🙂


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