Testing a Quilt Block

A couple of friends sent me a link to an absolutely stunning quilt shown on the Piece N Quilt blog – the one on the post “Antique Quilts – tying our families together.” I tried to resist, but it was futile. I studied the pictures in the post and figured out how I’d go about reproducing it.


So last night I got out some pink and green 1″ diamonds that were already printed, then printed some white diamonds using the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree diamond collection and got started. All the little white diamonds were joined into pairs. Most of the green and pink diamonds have been stitched into tumbling blocks.


Six of the diamonds were turned into a star.


The first tumbling block has now been surrounded by white, pink and green diamonds.


The seams were graded and this part was pressed. I hope to have the other five tumbling blocks surrounded by white, pink and green diamonds and then all of them attached to the star by the time tonight is over.

Why is this post entitled “Testing a Quilt Block?” Because I’m very, very tempted to make this quilt but, before I started it in earnest after choosing fabrics and printing all the diamonds needed, I wanted to be sure I enjoyed making it. I can already tell it’s a winner. So I’ll finish this test block and maybe turn it into a little doll quilt. It’s a fun stitch and I think by the time I’m finished this first star/tumbling blocks combination I’ll have found a quick and easy stitching sequence that will make it relatively fast to make.


Baxter was teaching an art class, sketching Cappy.


Later in the evening he was stretched out on the floor.

13 thoughts on “Testing a Quilt Block

  1. I had several people e mail me with a link to this quilt telling me they thought I could make it with Inklingo 🙂 so kind other quilters are to keep enabling me to start more projects! I will wait and see how yours go first and I bookmarked it in the meantime.


  2. I’m with Karen. Don’t you just love enablers? It will be a while before I can make this but am counting on Cathi to figure it all out for us. She is so good at that stuff. I just follow a pattern…..I am not creative at all!!!! Cathi….you are tops!!!


  3. I am waiting with baited breath for your complete block and tutorial – I saw this quilt a few days ago and fell in love. I have been studying it and am not quite sure what constitutes a “block” – there seem to be so many ways to go about it. I will wait till you have done the test drive 🙂


  4. Wow! It is a stunning quilt. Looking at it, I think you can piece it easier by doing 3×3 rectangles with the diamond pieces. You will have three different blocks, 1has dark points, one has light and another has a dark and light. Just need to draw out where the tumbling block pieces go in those…….


  5. Cathi, I read a blog entitled Fun with Barb. She fairly recently did a quilt using this pattern. Since I have a new computer I have lost all my favorite links or I would paste it in for you. Maybe I can find it and send it in an email. You really need to check it out and also she needs to be introduced to Inklingo…… Love this quilt.


  6. I like your tutorials and love to hand piece 60 diamonds–my first quilt was a tumbling block in blues and browns for a great nephew( put in three or 4 in animal prints just to mix it up ).


    • I have spent so much time lately on other projects that I had totally forgotten how much I enjoy piecing 60-degree diamonds. I am so glad you commented on this post in particular as it reminded me about that quilt that I so want to make! Thank you!


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