Tumbling Blocks Mug Rug


The little mug rug was finished on the weekend. Hand pieced and machine quilted. All that’s left is to add the label. Now that I’ve finished this one, I know I’m going to make a few tumbling blocks quilts. I love the effect. I think for the next little one I’ll keep it scrappy but perhaps working with just blues or just reds/pinks or greens/yellows.

We’re finally at the end of the cold snap. They’re saying freezing rain this morning and then just rain so what snow we did get last week will soon be gone.


Baxter was giving a demo on how to make a tumbling block and telling his quilting kitty pals all about Inklingo.


Yesterday was a cloudy day and Baxter spent a lot of time curled up on the couch snoozing with a bear buddy.

8 thoughts on “Tumbling Blocks Mug Rug

  1. I love the 3-D dimensional look of the tumbling block…so intriguing! Glad to hear
    your cold is moving on…we even had snow and the locals thought it was amazing! Sad to report they had no clue how to drive in it…and as a result had record accidents! Ugh!!! Kids don’t even own gloves/mittens…many donned socks on their hands so they could mold snowballs! ;-))))))


  2. Lovely Cathi!
    I would go for a red/pink combo – says me who can’t even quilt yet.
    Your Baxter is a great teacher!
    I hope he will teach me to hand quilt!
    Shane xo


  3. I like the idea of a colour constrained tumbling block quilt. I look forward to seeing what you choose.
    Our cold snap has ended too. Now we just have rain (I’d much rather it were snow)


  4. I did a Tumbling Block baby quilt a few years back…haven’t backed it, though. This might be my inspiration to get it done – I did love the technique! Beautiful little mug rug – Tanya


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