More of the Test Block


The first block is still not quite finished. I was not stitching as much as usual last night so didn’t finish it. But I know now that I’m definitely making this quilt. From point to point  of the pink diamonds at the left and right sides, it will finish at about 10″.


The back so far – pressed, but all the seams are not yet graded. I’ll grade them once I attach the final little piece. The back looks almost as interesting as the front at this point to me.


And this is the final little piece to be added and then what I’m calling a block will be done.

What I’ve learned is that I’m going to do a second test block for a couple of reasons. First of all, I want to turn the first one into a small quilt so a second block will be needed anyway and perhaps a third. Secondly, I’ve identified a different stitching sequence that I think will make this a much faster stitch. I’ll take lots of photos of the process of making the second block and do a short tutorial on it — or perhaps I’ll decide on yet another sequence and that will involve the third test block. It’s certainly not a hardship as I’m having way too much fun making this.

I can’t imagine making this quilt without Inklingo and being able to print the shapes on the back of my fabrics. There are loads of continuous stitching possibilities, and having the perfect stitching lines and matching points makes it so enjoyable and simple.

This could have many different looks. With ’30s fabrics it would be fabulous. With reds and greens, a wonderful Christmas quilt. In rich batiks mixed with metallics it would be spectacular. The possibilities seem endless to me.


Baxter appears to have joined a bike gang “Sons of the Cattery” in today’s ‘toon!


This photo was taken a few days ago when there was some sunshine. The last few grey, rainy, foggy days have not made for great photo opportunities when he has been in his kitty tree as the light has been awful.

18 thoughts on “More of the Test Block

  1. oh my!!! This Texan needs lots of direction!! I would want mine double the size to make for a double bed……I think. Just kinda cogitating right now. Will have to look and see what Linda has to offer. I am thinking you are using the freebee for the stars.
    Myself and probably a few other Texans would sure like you to live closer. Baxter is the draw. LOL


  2. That Baxter is something else! This is the funniest toon yet!~ lol
    What a beautiful block Cathi. This one is fun to watch!~ So glad you found that lovely quilt. Your work is incredible~


  3. Now that I see an actual block made the whole quilt makes more sense to me. I’m looking forward to your tutorial as I would really like to make this quilt. Hopefully I’ll have some time today to figure out which shapes I need and pick the fabric. By the way, your tutorials are wonderful and I find them a real help so thanks in advance for this one.


  4. I like the block pattern and the back is stunning. I often think I’d like to be able to see the back of quilts so thanks for sharing.


  5. I am new to your blog and wondered if i could ask you what you mean when you say you grade the seams, I have not heard this term before. Also, do you piece everything by hand, and hand quilt also? I don’t know anything about Inklingo either, (I promise, I really am a quilter!) Have you written a specific post about it?
    I think your work is beautiful, very inspiring.


  6. Baxter’s chopper is in fact a Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide with black fairing and drag bars. “Bax” and the boys have been glued to reruns of Sons of Anarchy.

    Mr. Q.O.


  7. Its fascinating the way you piece a block in this way…………its seeing your thinking process and a great way for us to learn from you. thank you so much.
    yes Id love the tutorial please!
    I dont know what grading the seams means either! lol


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