A Variety of Blocks


The main body of the tumbling blocks mug rug for one of the Grow Your Blog giveaway prizes is done. Now all I need to do is to print the shapes for the outer edges and stitch them on, which won’t take long. Loads of continuous stitching does make it a relatively quick stitch, but I was surprised at just how fast this went together.


I don’t seem to be able to settle on a particular project yet, so I made some blocks for a few projects. First, another Harpsichord Quilt block. There are 31 of the Harpsichord blocks done now so I only need another 123. Sometime this week I’m going to time how long it takes me to make one. That will help me figure out how long it may take to make the remaining blocks. All the shapes I need for the quilt are printed and cut out. That project box is one of the ones I’m keeping out and front and centre.


Then another of the shabby chic Yin Yang blocks. This is the one project of these three that may just get finished quickly as there aren’t many blocks left to stitch.


And then some more of the pieced arc/melon units for the Summer Picnic Dish quilt. That project box has also come out of hiding and is now close at hand. I have everything I need for it printed and ready to stitch. Once the little mug rug is finished, I’m going to try to concentrate on this for a while.

As I’m writing this, the wind chill is -23C and there’s no relief in sight until Monday. I am very grateful we live in a building complex that includes a lot of stores so we don’t have to go out in this.


The Baxtertoons definitely make me feel a bit warmer. Today he’s snorkelling.


We caught him mid-bath. He’s quite noisy about the whole thing and we can hear him from across the room.

8 thoughts on “A Variety of Blocks

  1. I love how you say “only 123 blocks”. lol
    How much time do you put into your piecing each day? You seem to be so disicplined about it.


  2. Stay warm…pretty nasty out there these days! I can not imagine anyone actually putting a real mug (filled with a beverage) on your darling tumbling blocks!!! Such a masterpiece!


  3. Sometimes it’s good to have lots of different things to work on, so you can just work on what, when you want.
    Keep warm. Sounds like the perfect excuse to sit and sew. I’m thinking the burnt orange wants some love. Well, ok, I want it to have some love so I can see pics 🙂


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