A Small Finish


The doll bed runner was finished and sent off and now it has been received and photos taken. Isn’t this doll bed gorgeous? It makes me want to design and make a whole bunch of mini quilts just for doll beds. I machine quilted it very simply and used a piece of a silk batt as I knew it was fairly heavy with all the little seams and wanted it to drape nicely.

Finishing the doll bed runner was a bit of an adventure. The first binding I put on just did not work out well — it was a double-fold binding and did not want to cooperate. So I removed the first binding, made another double-fold binding and it worked out just fine.


Last night I stitched one more Harpsichord Quilt block for the purposes of timing how long it took. An hour and a half? That seems ridiculously long to me as there are only 18 pieces in it. I think I must have been having a bad night. I’ll try another and work on a stitching sequence that might speed things up. Now there are only 122 more blocks needed. I looked at the project box and realized that I only have the pieces ready for another 77 of the blocks, so that will be the next thing I have to do – get the pieces for the remaining 45 blocks ready to stitch. They’re all printed and cut out but I haven’t got them sorted into groups so that I can just pick one up and start stitching it.


The back after pressing. I realized last night that I haven’t graded any of the seams in the blocks done so far. I’ll spend an evening doing that before I get more blocks made as I don’t want to leave that until all the blocks are done.

We were without internet for about 4 or 5 hours yesterday. I realized just how much I depend on it for work as researching things on the internet is so much faster than getting out reference books and specialty dictionaries. Along with slowing down work, it also meant that I didn’t have much time to visit blogs or reply to comments. I’ll get caught up over the next few days … I hope.

Sketch 2013-01-24 03_41_09wtmk

It’s still very cold here but it seems the snowbirds came home. Baxter is cozy though in his bed under his quilt with his favourite toy, Cappy. This ‘toon made me laugh as Baxter will often jump up on the bed with Cappy in his mouth.


When we were about to take the picture of the Harpsichord Quilt block, Baxter got up on the board and stayed there until his picture was taken. Clearly he figures there’s no reason for taking pictures of anything but him!

11 thoughts on “A Small Finish

  1. Beautiful! Love the doll bed runner!! And I can so relate to the Baxtertoon…that’ where I wanna be!! Too cold here to be any place else! Great picture of Baxter…he is such a handsome boy!


  2. My pups have been snuggled with me, but it is not NEARLY as cold here. WOW! You’ve really had it rough. That is the weather I remember as a teenager in upstate NY in the Adirondacks. LOVE your doll bed runner, just precious! I remember when you began the harpsichord blocks and the lovely works of art that inspired them… Can’t wait to watch them progress to the finish line.


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