Summer Picnic Dish … Again

One of the many things that I’ve been working on, on and off, over the past week or so has been making more of the units for the Summer Picnic Dish quilt.  I love putting together these pieced melon/arc units and have decided to keep making them for a while and then it will be nothing but lots and lots of continuous stitching to add them to the top.

Seams are graded and units pressed.

I love the look of this quilt and keep going back and forth between making it a bed runner or a lap quilt. For now I’ll just keep making the units and then, when I have enough to add 8 or 10 dishes, I’ll try to make the decision. This quilt top has everything I love – loads of continuous stitching, some nice sharp points and curved piecing. Makes me wonder why on earth I’ve let it sit without working on it for so long!

Baxter adores the little mice shown in this picture and will play with them for hours. Last week we picked up the larger one in the centre for him. It’s on wheels and rolls across the hardwood floor. At first, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but now it’s a favourite.

And that was what inspired today’s Baxtertoon.

He was lounging on the top level of his kitty tree yesterday.

Seems I may have tried to do a bit too much at once. I’m going to take another couple of days off from blogging but Baxter and Mr. Q.O. will be here.

11 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Dish … Again

  1. Cathi, Love the pickle dish pieces. Sorry you have been too busy and that you are tired. Love to hear from Baxter and Mr.Q.O, but do miss you. Rest up. Dianne


  2. Hi Cathi, I’m new to your email. Thanks for sending it. Your picnic dish is beautiful. Is all of your work Inklingo? I hand piece alot but have never tried Inklingo. I am a big Jinny Beyer fan and usually use her patterns and draw my own seam allowance when I trace my patterns. Do you get your patterns there also? This is all very interesting. Hope you have time to let me know. Linda


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