Sunflowers in Yellow and Blue

This one is destined to be a little quilt on its own, I think. It’s a very pale sunflower that will be lost in the sea of brighter batiks I’ve been using to make the batik sunflowers, but I think it could make a very pretty little quilt and may just get that done today.

The blue one isn’t quite finished as it needs its outer frame. This is my favourite of the ones made so far. The colour is wonderfully rich.

Seams have been graded and this part is pressed and ready for the final step of adding the frame.

I’m slowly getting back into reading and leaving comments on blogs. Bear with me, I will be visiting and commenting this week.

Even though yesterday was very warm and humid, Baxter seems to have decided winter’s coming and is using that as an excuse to stock up on cat toys and food.

He hasn’t been on “his” quilt for weeks. I guess this may be a sign cooler weather is indeed coming.

12 thoughts on “Sunflowers in Yellow and Blue

  1. I love those sunflowers! The blue and gray/white contrast is wonderful!
    I can see that Baxter prepares ahead and knows what he wants!
    Are you sure that Baxter isn’t trying to figure out how to get his quilt to the top of his tree? Now that would be heaven for him!


  2. I haev to agree with you, Cathi, the blue sunflower is in a class of its own! Super Excellent!! It is so good to have you back blogging…I hope that means you are feeling better. Baxter did a great job in your absence….don’t want to hurt his feelings!!


    • The seam allowances are an exact quarter inch. I used one of the Inklingo sunflower collections to print my shapes and they provide the perfect seam allowance. It may be a bit deceptive in the pictures as the block is small — with the frame added, the block finishes at 6″.



  3. Love your sunflower blocks! Just wonderful colors. Baxter is so cute, stocking up for winter in his Baxtertoon. I am way behind on blog reading & commenting too. There is just never enough hours in the day.


  4. The yellow flower is a delicate little girl, isn’t she? She deserves to shine on her own rather than be eclipsed by all around her…….or perhaps she could be the start of a group of soft pretty sunflowers. Baxter – keep warm and stock up on your goodies for winter, it will be here before you know it!


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