New York Beauty Beginnings and a Birthday

What more is there to say? New York Beauty. An absolutely fabulous quilt block. A new 6″ New York Beauty Collection was released yesterday and I absolutely could not resist making a block right away. It took no time to stitch. The curves are very gentle, the points so sharp — it just is utterly fantastic. This block will go along with seven others and is destined to be a small wall quilt, but I have plans for a larger size quilt using the block in combination with some others.

It presses like a dream and lies flat as can be. And I graded the seams the minute I was through stitching it. I’ve learned that lesson all too well now!

There are combo pages one can print. As I decided to use eight different fabrics for the small wall quilt, I used one of the combo pages and was able to print all the shapes for a block on each of the eight fabrics using a piece that’s only 8.5 x 12.5 inches. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see that all the shapes for one block are printed on the piece of fabric.

New York Beauty is a design I have wanted to work with for ages so as soon as the collection was released I stopped what I was doing, grabbed some fabrics, cut and ironed them to freezer paper, printed and then was well on my way to having the first block done. Mr. Q.O. was told nothing else was getting done until I had that block finished. He’s used to this. When a new collection is released, I just about drop everything to make that first block. I know I go on about Inklingo, but I really can’t fathom doing this block any other way. No specialty rulers, no odd angles to worry about, no paper piecing that I’d have to pick off afterwards – just print, cut and stitch. It couldn’t be simpler! My block is hand pieced, as that’s my preferred way of stitching, but I’m sure it’s just as easy to machine piece.

Baxter is one year old today. It’s hard to believe that this little kitten who came into our lives late last June is now one year old.

And posing by the toy basket. Mr. Q.O.’s caption for this one, “Birthday Boy … more toys, food … it’s my birthday!”

15 thoughts on “New York Beauty Beginnings and a Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Master Baxter!~ What a gorgeous kitty he is. GREAT photo, Mr. Q.O. So regal.
    Kathy, this looks like a piece from a Tiffany lamp! The fabrics and design are incredible! Wonderful idea to make a wallhanging. I can’t wait to see it progress. Truly a work of art and I can understand your excitement of wanting to get the new design made. You are so good at visualizing and implementing. Thank you for all you do to show us what an unlimited quilting world it is ! You always inspire. Great work!


  2. It would be very difficult for me to resist the NYB too! Love them and I totally understand why you dropped everything else to make them. This is going to be beautiful!! I am looking forward to seeing your progress on this one for sure! Happy Birthday to Baxter! It has been fun to see him grow. Yesterday was Pavi’s birthday, he turned 3!


  3. I have purchased the NYB as well but will have to wait until tomorrow to start a block dratted work. Baxter looks so happy and proud f himself doesn’t he. Happy birthday to him.


  4. Rock on, girlfriend! It looks great. I appreciate you doing the block so I can peek and see how I might wanna do mine. I’m not at all embarrassed to refer to your work.

    Happy Birthday Baxter and if you don’t mind, please excuse us but you know I have to wish Happy Birthday to Kricket as well. I mean, since we don’t her day, only the month, and we did agree they could share. That’s still okay, right?


  5. Oh, Cathi, it’s stunning…it does look like a Tiffany lamp! You are quite the artist and always an inspiration. Wow. I want to be you when I grow up!! 🙂


  6. Once again, you inspire us all, Cathi! Beautiful NY Beauty and I can’t wait to see more. Happy Birthday to Baxter too! He looks so very regal in that last photo. And what a cute kitten he was! They grow up too fast.


  7. WOW! That is one fine block! I can’t wait for the end results, the beginning is so neat!
    And, Happy Birthday to the royal cat! I didn’t realize it’s his birthday and it’s also my daughter’s! A grand day all around! And the SUN is shining!


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  9. That was fast Cathi! Love your sparkly colors too. This is a really beautiful block, and I love the flip side! I wish all my blocks looked this good from the back. I love those Inklingo lines too!


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