Another New York Beauty

Of course I couldn’t resist making a second one! These are way too addictive to stitch to stop at just one! Or two. Or a dozen. I’m already planning on making this one a 16-block little quilt. At least. Maybe more. I will try to stop after a couple more, though, and get back to the red and white quilt. Try is the operative word there.

There are so many setting options with this block. I could put them side by side, like this.

Or on point, like this.

Or beside one another like this.

Or like this. However I decide to set them, this is going to be known as my Tiffany lamp quilt. My mother loved Tiffany lamps, as do I, and these blocks definitely remind me of the Tiffany lamp we had in our kitchen when I was growing up.

Yesterday morning the ideas were just flying through my mind with so many possibilities for this block!  I already know I’ll be making more than one quilt using these shapes, probably more than a few. My ideas book has almost a page full of notes on this one. I can’t get over how easy they are to put together. Loads of opportunities for continuous stitching and some wonderful curved piecing. This block has it all!

Baxter came to help when we were starting to take photos. Mr. Q.O. dubbed this one “The Critic”.

And this was his “official” first birthday portrait.

14 thoughts on “Another New York Beauty

  1. I love the second block as much as the first! The colors are just perfect to describe a Tiffany lamp. I know you will have this done in no time whatsoever!! Great photo of Baxter.


  2. Beautiful blocks and you’ve definately nailed the Tiffany lamp look. I’ve purchased the collection and can’t wait to give it a try. Inklingo and your inspration make it compelling!! 🙂 And a late Happy Birthday to Baxter. He is such a handsome kitty with so much personality!


  3. These are lovely! But where’s Mr Red? I’ve lost count how many other projects you’ve shared with us since saying you were going to concentrate on getting him finished 😉
    Belated happy birthday to Baxter. Such a cute little boy.


  4. Those blocks are wonderful! I like the “on Point” look but they all are so inviting!
    The critic sure looks stern, he must not like the idea of being ignored on his birthday. But his birthday pic is so very nice, must have had his yogurt prior to the pic!


  5. GORGEOUS!! Between you and Karendianne and not forgetting our Linda and Monkey, my resistance is waning! rapidly, lol… but I have so many other projects to sew! YIKES!!! where’s the cavalry, I need to be rescued. LOL. hmmm do I want to be rescued? Baxter’s one year old picture is purrfect! hugs Elly


  6. Another New York Beauty BEAUTY! I now must buy the NYB’s even if I don’t make them right away…I have yours to look at till Barb comes home from Canada and shows me how to do/print this Inklingo. (Sadly, I need hands-on instruction…) Baxter makes the best faces and is quite the beauty himself. 🙂


  7. Always beautiful work, Cathi. You are so accomplished and inspiring!

    I was a bit surprised to read Baxter is one already, I have enjoyed seeing him and his antics (as I did your other 2 sweet furbabies)…I will say, I saw the “portrait” photo, and thought, oh, my, he surely has grown into his regal splendor, such a gorgeous “Master Baxter” ~


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