Thread Tales

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about thread. It got me thinking about the different threads I use. There are five threads that I will use for any hand piecing or appliqué project. The only criteria for me is whether the colour matches the fabrics I’m working with. MasterPiece, Mettler 60/2, YLI Heirloom, Madeira Heirloom and DMC are the five. I love the heirloom threads as they are so fine they melt into the seams. That said, if I need a black thread the only one I’ll use is the MasterPiece one. It is the only black thread I’ve tried that doesn’t break after five or six stitches. Yet it’s fine enough that it doesn’t add any bulk to the seam.

The DMC thread is amazing. It is stronger than it may appear. I’ve used it both for appliqué and piecing. It melts into the seams almost as well as the heirloom threads and, of course, comes in many more colours. I spent some time here, drooling over all the DMC thread colours. I told Mr. Q.O. if we win a lottery, I’m ordering the one of every colour package!

This is a portion of one of the pieced borders I’ve been working on for the Scrappy Star top. Because there are so many fabrics that I’m using in this, the grey DMC thread has been my choice.

Baxter likes to sprawl on the floor right by Mr. Q.O.’s feet. When he does this, he’s wanting tummy rubs — and he’s not shy about asking for them.

9 thoughts on “Thread Tales

  1. It’s interesting to read about threads…I have some YLI select thread that I bought about 12 years ago and it is starting to show it’s age and has become brittle. I think I stock piled too much of it to have every colour for appliqué…but now it’s not much use. :o(


  2. Ages ago I read somewhere that the best colour for piecing by hand or machine is the colour of under-bed fluff! I suppose that means a grey/beige. Black can be a bit tricky too, because of the dye process used – it can actually make the thread thicker. I’ll give Baxter a tummy rub if you can guarantee that my fingers will intact afterwards.


  3. Baxter…so cute! By now you know I’m just in love with your cat! Lol, okay your thoughts on threads is equally important. That is good info. I like the Signature, Aurifil, and lately something called Rainbows… I shall have to sample the DMC threads. Hooray for winning the lottery!



  4. Well we know I have a think for that YLI Quilting Thread in that one under the bed color as Jennifer puts it… however I am stretching a bit. I sure do love that DMC thread. Boy is it lovely. I can’t wait to get my grubby little hand piecing hands on it!!!!

    🙂 *karendianne.


  5. Cathi,

    I have the same favorites for hand piecing, especially the DMC for it’s left twist. I twist my needle to the right when I hand stitch and with DMC it is less of a problem. The YLI Heirloom is my second choice. (I’ve given up trying to unlearn this habit as I can’t figure out how I do it, no matter how much I study my stitching!)

    Decades ago I was taught from someone in the garment industry that it is (was?) common practice of thread manufacturers to over dye ‘wrong’ dye lots or overstock threads black. This extra dyeing process weakens the cotton, thus the common breakage problem. I’ve since learned that Superior Threads, maker of the Master Piece, guarantees they don’t over dye any color. I’m not sure about other manufacturers these days as they don’t say, so I buy all my dark colors from Superior now.

    ~Jillian in North Dakota


  6. I am correcting you…you say WHEN we win the lottery…not IF we win the lottery. At least that’s what I say!
    Baxter is getting in his Yin Yang look! All cats love tummy rubs, don’t they? My two females walk over to me and simultaneously flop over so I can get them both at once. They also walk next to each other like a set.
    From Freezing in Nebraska


  7. I find the aurifil 60/2 is great as well it just melts into the seams. I also have used a greenish grey or a bluish grey with greens or blues and darks. I also have tried YLI silk for applique which is my second choice. Love that look of tummy on a coon it just begs tummy rubs doesn’t it. Spud loves it but Lady is still learning and growing into them.


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