I’m Seeing Circles

Some wonderfully soft pastel circles.

Some circles in richer, darker colours.

I had a box full of charm packs in various lines. A few years ago I appliquéd circle after circle after circle. And then they sat. And sat. I’ve had them out before, trying to decide just what to do with them and, having no ideas, have put them away again. Now I think I’ll just put them into two quilt tops of whatever size they end up. Perhaps they’ll turn into covers for a few stitching books.

I have spent the past few days working on — struggling with — tearing my hair out over some designs that I’m trying to turn into designs using EQ. The designs are completely thought out in my mind, I can draw sketches on paper in seconds, and I know the designs work. But translating them from my mind or sketches into EQ designs? Not something I’m finding at all intuitive. That said, I will get this figured out before the week is over but I’d much rather be playing with fabric as I sort out a design than sitting in front of a computer screen. My EQ manual is full of Post-it notes and highlighted passages.

Baxter seems to find it all a big bore and decided to have a snooze. Notice how he makes sure he has a pillow in just the right spot!

11 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Circles

  1. I love appliqued circles. I made one last year with circles appliqued on squares and had a small 4 patch in between them on my layout. You can never go wrong with circles.


  2. Lol…first, he’s not bored…just finding those circles a bit much. Lol…if you want to get rid of those circles (so you don’t have to fiddle with them anymore or store them) just let me know!

    Pam … happy sewing!


  3. I think you could use those circles on another quilt but using them in a border. You must have some other quilt that used those same fabrics or at least would go with them? Or start another quilt! 🙂

    Baxter looks so comfortable!


  4. The soft romantic colors of your circles are wonderful. Although I’ve made a quilt using circles, they were made using the paper method. I imagine hand appliqué is so much more relaxing. Lovely.


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