Thread Tales

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about thread. It got me thinking about the different threads I use. There are five threads that I will use for any hand piecing or appliqué project. The only criteria for me is whether the colour matches the fabrics I’m working with. MasterPiece, Mettler 60/2, YLI Heirloom, Madeira Heirloom and DMC are the five. I love the heirloom threads as they are so fine they melt into the seams. That said, if I need a black thread the only one I’ll use is the MasterPiece one. It is the only black thread I’ve tried that doesn’t break after five or six stitches. Yet it’s fine enough that it doesn’t add any bulk to the seam.

The DMC thread is amazing. It is stronger than it may appear. I’ve used it both for appliqué and piecing. It melts into the seams almost as well as the heirloom threads and, of course, comes in many more colours. I spent some time here, drooling over all the DMC thread colours. I told Mr. Q.O. if we win a lottery, I’m ordering the one of every colour package!

This is a portion of one of the pieced borders I’ve been working on for the Scrappy Star top. Because there are so many fabrics that I’m using in this, the grey DMC thread has been my choice.

Baxter likes to sprawl on the floor right by Mr. Q.O.’s feet. When he does this, he’s wanting tummy rubs — and he’s not shy about asking for them.

Festival Report – Part 1

We went to the Creativ Festival on Saturday. Even though there was an unexpected strike by the transit workers at midnight Friday, which meant traffic was going to be a nightmare, we headed out yesterday morning.

I don’t think the transit strike stopped many people. It seemed as though the crowd was pretty much what one would expect at the Festival on a Saturday. I was a little disappointed that there appeared to be no U.S. vendors, but found some great fabric and notions!

First of all, this set of 5 FQ’s for Insanity and other shabby chic projects. The top floral may be a bit too large for the pieces in Insanity but it will make a wonderful border for a little quilt.

Two half-yard cuts of the Kaufman Fusions I found. These fabrics seem to go with everything — and I love working with them. I’d love to get the whole line of them! A bit of each of these two will find their way into Insanity, I’m sure. 🙂

Some great white on white FQ’s, which have been set aside for Insanity. And another black and white print for the little black and white stars. Thanks to a friend, I have been able to get together quite a nice little collection of these black and white prints. I’m thinking now that I may make the tiny star rectangles into a small quilt rather than a large quilt, as originally planned, but I have other plans for the black and white fabrics. 🙂

This was, to me, the find of the Festival. I love using YLI Heirloom thread for piecing (and applique in some instances) but it is next to impossible to find here. When we wandered into the booth that had these and then found out that the vendor is here in Ontario — well, I was so excited you would have thought I’d won a lottery. I immediately scooped up a couple of each colour shown here. That thread absolutely melts into seams and is super for working with tiny pieces, imo. Of course, some of it is being set aside for Insanity as well.

I’ve never used the YLI Basting & Bobbin thread but have heard that it’s quite good for piecing as well. Figured I’d buy some and give it a try!

There’s more to come in the next post.

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