Quilt Photo Playtime

While I spent most of the weekend concentrating on learning EQ, Mr. Q.O. was playing with some photo filters and applying them to various photos that have been taken recently. First up, a watercolour version of the Winding Ways blocks.

Then a cartoon version of my Rose Dream Pinwheel block.

Of course then a cartoon version had to be done of the Winding Ways blocks.

As well as a cartoon version of the bow tie quilt.

Finally, a grey version of the Winding Ways blocks. This filter is definitely one I can see as being extremely useful for quilters. I know that when I get all the blocks made and am sorting out placement, this will be a really helpful tool.

There was a light-bulb moment on the weekend when I finally got comfortable with EQ and was then off to the races. A big bonus to designing in EQ is that I can play with the newest fabrics downloaded from the various manufacturers’ websites and see how my design ideas work before committing to cutting and printing fabric. That said, I really do wish there was a Mac-compatible version of it.

One “normal” photo in this post and that is of Baxter. We had an extremely cold weekend and he was taking full advantage of his kitty bed, as well as staying very close to his toys.

9 thoughts on “Quilt Photo Playtime

  1. Oh wow – how much fun is that! Your Winding Ways quilt looks even more like a Monet painting in the watercolour version. Baxter knows where to spend a cold day, he looks very cosy!


  2. Love all the play versions! Beautiful! EQ had indicated that they will never be making a Mac version. But the big plus on the Mac, when you are designing, you can just grab the current fabrics from online and use them, and you get exactly what you want. So you can do that with the Mac as well. By the way, cold here too and I totally would do what Baxter is doing!


  3. what fun! the blocks look so different when they are cartooned

    I have never tried eq but i bet if I had it I couldn’t stop playing with it!! probably better left to someone else or I would never get any actual quilting done


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