Half Hexagon Madness!

Just over a year ago, when Cameron’s Windmills was finished, I put the box containing all the extra pieces away. Over the past while I have been thinking about them and couldn’t resist making a few. I love tessellating designs and this is definitely a fun stitch.

There are a fair number of the “other half” hexagons in the box, so I have a feeling another small quilt may be in the making.

I continued on my journey of working in EQ last night. While I am getting more used to it and it’s fun to see design ideas on the screen, I prefer playing with real fabric. That said, I have another idea that I’ve wanted to play with for months. For this particular design I have in mind, it’s going to make a lot more sense to work it out in EQ before I start printing on fabric so I may just work on it for a while today.

Even though we’ve had quite the cold snap, Baxter still was hanging out on the windowsill.

4 thoughts on “Half Hexagon Madness!

  1. Those windmills look like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see them all together. Plus the fact that you are using 30s fabric, one of my favorites!! It may be cold outside, but Baxter is still on the inside of that window!


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