Half Clamshells

Ages and ages ago, I printed a number of half clamshells on various fabrics. Last night I put together three blocks. They finish at 3″. I think I’ll make two more and then set them together into a 9-patch block and turn that into a doll’s quilt with a pieced border. They are amazingly quick to stitch and go together perfectly.

They only take a second to press.

Yesterday was a big day in the Q.O. household. After debating it on and off for about a year the decision was made. We now do not own a car but instead have joined AutoShare. For downtown residents like us it makes a ton of sense. Parking charges downtown are insanely expensive. With the AutoShare car, we park it back in its designated spot when we’re done and don’t have the monthly parking fees. No more insurance costs. They even pay for the gas!

Yes, it will mean that we’ll have to plan ahead a bit when we’ve got errands to run for which we need a car rather than just going downstairs and jumping in the car whenever we want but, when we looked at the amount we used the car, it made sense to make the move, particularly given that our car was old and probably getting to the stage of starting to need more and more repairs.

Baxter doesn’t care, of course, so long as one of the errands for which we will use the AutoShare car is to get his favourite food. Mr. Q.O. dubbed this photo “Pasha Puss”. I call it his “peel me a grape” look. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you just see the tip of his tongue sticking out.

10 thoughts on “Half Clamshells

  1. Gosh, I really love your cat! Oh wait, he is not just a cat, (lol)…Baxter is such a personality! He is gorgeous. Your hand piecing really makes me want to do some hand piecing also. I keep saying I’m going to do some also. Yesterday, I was reading…no pouring over one of Kaffe Fassett’s books; examining the Boston Commons quilt and thinking that it would be impossible to piece about 1500 3 1/2 inch squares…maybe if I do a little at a time or pay someone to cut the appropriate number with a GO cutter; then I hand piece them ( always needing something to do when riding or waiting! ) Anyhoo, we shall see if I do it at all! Your clams look so pretty!


  2. Interesting blocks!
    Getting rid of the car…those are probably just the words Baxter heard and he is just sitting pretty thinking that that will mean there is no way to get him to the vet!


  3. My goodness…three inch blocks boggle my mind! Beautiful, but I have dust bunnies bigger than that! How funny, the “Peel Me a Grape” phrase is at our house too…one of my twins loves to help…and the other has the “Peel Me a Grape” attitude! Ugh! 😉 If it works Baxter…go with it!!!


  4. I think that block might be easier to sew by hand in any size. I have the template by the Strips n Curves lady and it isn’t a lot of fun to sew by machine. Of course it’s way bigger than yours too.


  5. Autoshare is a great idea!! Living out in the country, no car would never work for me LOL. Of course we Yanks gotta have a car regardless of where we live :0)



  6. Great idea with the car share. I bet you will save a lot of money over time and it really makes sense in places where there is public transportation & walkable areas. Baxter is getting so regal looking with his big “mane”.


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