Dreaming in Wedgwood

When I was growing up, my mother decorated our house in mostly Wedgwood blue and white/cream. Wedgwood blue is, to me, one of the most soothing colours imaginable. When I finally decided to take the leap and start a two-colour Rose Dream quilt, this time using the 6″ collection, I chose this Wedgwood blue that I’ve had in my stash for next to forever. I knew the right quilt idea would eventually come along and it has. The working name for this quilt is “Dreaming in Wedgwood.”

While I’m having fun with the scrappy Rose Dream blocks shown last week, I knew the minute the collections came out that I wanted to make a classic two-colour quilt. The big question for me was what colour. I had a wonderfully long and silly internal debate going on all last week about pink and white, yellow and white, blue and white, purple and pink and even went so far as to get some fabrics ready for each of those.

I have a pink and cream top waiting to be quilted, so pink and white? I’m sure another pink quilt is in my future, but not quite yet. Yellow and white? Still a possibility, I suppose, perhaps using the larger size Rose Dream block. Purple and pink? Definitely in my future. The Wedgwood blue and white? I couldn’t resist it. Yes, I’ve made a blue and white quilt before, as seen in my blog header, but that is a much deeper, richer blue.

One of the things I enjoy about hand piecing is choosing the thread(s) for each project. With a two-colour quilt, it’s so easy. Find one thread that works, and that’s all that’s needed. I had the perfect thread to match the blue fabric.

The entire quilt is planned in my mind. I know how many blocks are needed, the border is figured out and a possible quilting design for this one is already roughly sketched out.

The blocks press beautifully. As I don’t want to have to do all the grading of seams at the end, I’m doing these as I go.

At the end of last week, I fell quite behind in responding to blog comments. I will catch up this week.

Baxter adores his Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher. Along with using it as a scratching post, he often will fall asleep on it. Mr. Q.O. captioned this shot “Photo Life – I’m Posing For It”.

10 thoughts on “Dreaming in Wedgwood

  1. as soon as I saw Wedgwood in your title I had to pop by as I am a huge fan of Wedgwood as is my dd and blue is the classic colour. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt top.



  2. Beautiful! I have a Wedgewood ring and you’ve captured the color perfectly. Can’t wait to see more! And Baxter is beyond description….such a handsome character!


  3. That will be quite the dream! Wonderful choice!
    My dream is to ever get something entirely made out of any Inklingo pattern! 🙂

    Baxter, cute as ever in his poses!


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