Something to Stitch, Something to Unstitch

Remember this, the Ferris Wheel quilt? That’s the project that involved unstitching. I had quilted about a third of it by machine and then decided I wanted to quilt this one by hand. So I’ve spent a number of hours over the past couple of weeks taking out the machine quilting. Now I’m trying to decide how I want to quilt it.

For a change of pace, I’ve started stitching a cross-stitch project. It’s almost a quarter done already. This one is going to be a small Christmas biscornu.

Baxter did very well and we picked him up at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I had to laugh at the post-surgery instructions. They stated we should keep him as quiet as possible. A rambunctious kitten who’s only 6 months old and showed absolutely no signs of being groggy from the anaesthetic we’re supposed to keep quiet? Within minutes of getting home, after sniffing around to make sure things were where he thought they should be, he was bounding around, getting toys out of the toy basket, jumping up on the windowsill to watch the leaves and that went on all afternoon and evening. We’re thrilled he came through the surgery so well and showed no after-effects. Here you can almost see the spot that was shaved for the IV on one front leg.

11 thoughts on “Something to Stitch, Something to Unstitch

  1. I’m glad Baxter bounced back rather than lying around feeling sorry for himself, like so many of our furry friends would 🙂

    About Ferris wheel…. I think the hand quilting will look gorgeous on this, but I’m curious about your thought processes. Is this the first time that you tried machine quilting, and you didn’t like it? Or, did you think the machine quilting didn’t suit this quilt? Or some other thoughts…?

    I’m a less experienced quilter, and prefer doing all by hand, though can see the (speed) appeal in using a machine, so I love knowing how people decide which technique to use.


  2. Unpicking quilted stitches, oh my dear, how brave! And then you will be handquilting? Even Braver!

    They ‘fixed’ Baxter at the age of 6 months already? Vet’s always advice here to wait untill kittens are about 9 months old. Is it depending on the kind of cat?
    I’m glad all went well with your furry friend!


  3. So glad Baxter’s op went ok – good luck keeping him quiet! I feel like the Ferris wheel quilt needs something spinning in the opposite direction in the spaces between the wheels but I’m not sure what or how to accomplish that at the moment…I’ll have a ponder and see if anything comes to mind! Mind you, whatever you do will be wonderful!


  4. Soooooooooo glad Baxter came thru the surgery well. His behavior “after” is similar to all my male and female cats after surgery. Go figure. I be a hurting unit.

    Love the pinwheel quilt. It will be gorgeous when finished.


  5. Happy that all went well with Baxter, he doesn’t look too happy in that picture, but he is just probably glad to be back home!
    Taking out machine quilting isn’t fun!


  6. I just love this quilt, it still reminds me of the Dutch signs/emblems on the barns, which I adore. I know however you quilt it, it will be beautiful. I admire your tenacity in unstitching all of that. I can’t wait to see your biscornu magically come to life! I would love to learn cross stitching one day. So happy for Baxter!~Wonderful news.


  7. I have been following the blog and watching Baxter grow. He is such a lovely cat! I was struck at how much he looks like Lester in this picture!


  8. I am in love with that ferris wheel quilt!! It has such rhythm
    I can’t wait to see how you quilt it….and I am so impressed that you werent afraid to change your mind and unstitch it to start over!!


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