56 Blocks Done

They’re all done. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly they’ve gone together. I hope putting the rows together and then putting the top together goes as fast. It would be fabulous to have this top done by the time the weekend is over.

Today, as Baxter will be enjoying enduring a day at the vet as it’s time for him to be fixed, I’ll take advantage of being able to lay the blocks out on the floor to figure out the placement and then start putting the rows together.

Over the next couple of weeks, my blogging schedule is going to be a bit sporadic as there are a number of things going on and my computer time is going to be limited.

Baxter was determined to get in on the act when we were getting ready to take the photo of the 56 blocks.

8 thoughts on “56 Blocks Done

  1. The blocks appear to be flying out of the machine…know you’ll be missing and thinking of Baxter these days while he’s at “kitty camp”! Poor fellow, but he’ll soon be home and helping you sort fabrics again! Happy stitching!


  2. I know how worried I was each time our pups underwent this.. But, they were fine and I was so glad we did it. Baxter will do just fine. Maybe he will calm down and not love fabric so much??!!? mmmm… Probably NOT! lol
    LOVE your flannel quilt Cathi, and I’m so glad it has been a pleasure to make. These fabrics look so inviting and snuggly.


  3. I can’t wait to see that quilt finished ! I love flannel quilts and with the weather coming our way, they are being pulled out to use!
    Poor little Baxter…he will hate going to the vet after this! But that will slow him down for a bit..maybe 10 minutes or so! 🙂


  4. Seeing how fast your flannel quilt went together has me wanting to open my boxes of flannel and get one started. I hope you get the rows done before Baxter comes home.


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