Flannel Top Finished

This top practically put itself together. I can’t get over how fast it was to stitch. It finishes at 56 x 64. I’ll get the backing and binding ready this weekend. The batting should be here next week.

After seeing the quilt being put together over at Exuberant Color, I’m tempted to haul out my Kaffe fabrics and maybe make another double 4-patch quilt. And I’ll definitely make another flannel quilt, but perhaps a different pattern.

Baxter had a relaxing day. First we caught him in mid-yawn.

Then he had a snooze. He always has Cappy close by.

13 thoughts on “Flannel Top Finished

  1. The flannel top looks like it should be wrapped around someone soon, Beautiful job.
    Baxter looks so grown up when sitting on the windowsill. The yawn looks like you caught him mid laugh. Glad he came through his op well. Spud has started to come on my lap again. I think the coons being bigger remember things longer than the other kitties we have.


  2. Your flannel top is amazing…it did fly together! Wow, in Kaffe prints…how exciting and fun could that be?!!!!! Yes, at this time of year flannel and all things cuddly seem very attractive…and yes Baxter…that includes you! Even if you do nap during your mom’s ta-da presentation of yet another lovely quilt! 😉


  3. Love the flannel top. I have one I made in and it stays in the camper. It’s soooooo comfy and warm. I know that you will bond well with yours.

    Baxter is quite the “hamm” – cute. At our house cappy would be the equivilent of a “lu-lu”. Can’t remember how we named it that. Kind of like a pacifier. lol


  4. Hi Cathi,

    Love your flannel quilt. I too have a collection of Kaffe fabrics and am looking for a pattern to make up. Baxter is looking wonderful and certainly enjoying life. Have a great day. Dianne


  5. Great job on the flannel quilt!!! I need to pull out my flannels! I just put my flannel quilt on my bed this week and it feels so good.

    I wonder if it is the color or shape of Cappy that makes that toy a favorite.


  6. Wonderful quilt and so warm! I have several flannel quilts and they are so welcomed in the winter months!
    Baxter look good! Memories of the vet are long in his past I bet!


  7. Ooooohhhh. SO snuggly and pretty! I really like the diagonal stripes, I was not expecting that. NICE pattern. Baxter sure DOES love his Cappy~what a special toy. I know I keep saying it, but he is just beautiful. I’ve never seen such a pretty kitty.


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