Scrappy Star Again

After finishing the flannel top, I needed to do some hand piecing.  Another round is added to scrappy star and it’s now 29 inches.  I think it’s going to end up about twice the size it is now.

I’m glad I decided to press after each round as it only takes a few minutes.  I can’t imagine leaving this whole thing to press until the end.

I’ve started hand quilting Ferris Wheel and am much happier with the look. It was worth the time it took to take out the machine quilting I had done.

Baxter has been very busy watching leaves flying by the window.

14 thoughts on “Scrappy Star Again

  1. Wow that star looks great. I wanted to thank you again for the velum envelope (or for the first time if I forgot previously) the bigger one is holding some of the most precious curls!


  2. Way to go Baxter…I’m a vigilant leaf watcher also! Wow…what a wonderful burst of colors those diamonds make….and yes, hand quilting the Ferris Wheel will make it super special!!! Happy stitching (and leaf patrolling!) Hugs!


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