X’s and O’s

While we were out taking pictures of Twinkling Stars on the roof garden, we also took a few of the top I’ve named X’s and O’s. The name has everything to do with how I plan to quilt this one, with circles and X’s.

It was made using shapes from the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection and was pieced by hand with the exception of the black inner border. The centre of the top took just over 3 weeks to put together from the time I got the idea through to its completion. Adding the borders took a while as I ended up auditioning a couple of different versions before settling on the final.

When it’s time to quilt this, I’m going to get a silk batt. The binding will be the same black ’30s print as the inner border.

Baxter getting his nightly yogourt treat.

11 thoughts on “X’s and O’s

  1. I should give my outside kitty a little yogurt! I sat on the porch with her a long time last evening, she is becoming more friendly.
    THis quilt is BEAUTIFUL! ooooohhhhh…. I love the fabrics and pattern very much. Great photo Mr. Q.O.!!!
    Cathi, this is another real beauty.


  2. All the quilts are lovely. I am knitting right now but will have to get back to some POTC. the starts quilting sounds intriguing I look forward to seeing it.
    Baxter looks so grown up now. Isn’t it a shame they grow so fast. What flavour does he like. Spud loves strawberry and will eat the greek plain if he has to but draws the line at mango!


  3. Oh a silk batting…betcha Baxter will love that! I’m sure he’ll volunteer to “test” nap on the top to be certain you’ve made the right selection! Baxter sure found his way into a wonderful home…I think of all the children who aren’t treated so well! He’s a prize!


  4. Ohhh my!! How Baxter has grown!!! He sure is a handsome guy!! Like cats, Labradors like yoghurt hihi, well … they eat about anything that is hihi!! But yoghut … amazing how far they can stick their tongue out into a glass to reach that bit of yoghurt at the bottom hihi!! They are working dogs after all!! Love your quilts!! Hugs, Daniëlle


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