Twinkling Stars

The top is done and is now in the queue waiting to be quilted. This one I’m going to quilt by hand with either a silk or wool batt. I’ve got some quilting ideas for the plain squares that will carry on the star theme of the quilt.

We took advantage of a sunny day on the weekend to take the photo out on the roof garden as it’s difficult to get a good shot indoors of a quilt that’s anything larger than a wall hanging. Twinkling Stars finishes at 57 x 72 inches and was made using shapes from the Inklingo Tumbler collection. This year’s baseball playoffs quilt top is done.

Last year’s baseball playoffs quilt is still waiting to be quilted.

Baxter had a very busy weekend chasing leaves as they flew by the windows and watching squirrels and birds.

21 thoughts on “Twinkling Stars

  1. Hello!
    Twinkling Stars is very beautiful! so is the last years baseball playoff quilt top! You do such gorgeous work. Baxter is looking very alert….lol…


  2. It’s so nice to have a full and active life (Baxter)!!!! Plus, the quilts you accomplish during the seasons are amazing too…far more fun (for us) than if you’d chase leaves too! Hugs and happy stitching!


  3. I love the twinkling stars! Not having quilted with wool batting, i’m curious to know what brand of wool batting you like. I think i’m ready to give something a try other than cotton.


  4. I am in awe of Baxter. What a beautiful kitty he is turning out to be! Think I must be partial to gray cats. Your dedication to stitching during the series is to be commended. I can’t take my eyes off the screen for fear of missing a super play from our Rangers. Hubby is a Card fan so I have to be careful not to get to excited. lol


  5. Twinkling Stars is beautiful, and I love the borders you added. What a great piece to show off some quilting in those white spaces.

    You can really get a sense in this photo of how big Baxter is getting, and I guess he’s going to keep growing for quite a while. He’s a very handsome boy.


  6. This quilt is a real winner. I really love the borders. Great job. And, to Baxter, you get more handsome every day. Some little lady kitty out there somewhere will be keeping her eye on you.


  7. Beautiful photos of your GORGEOUS quilt! Congratulations Cathi! So neat that you make the baseball quilts. 🙂
    That Baxter is growing so…
    Seems like just yesterday you were posting last year’s quilt.


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