Printing and More Printing for Quilts

What’s that?  It’s the stack of fabrics I printed over the weekend for the Scrappy Star, Twinkling Stars, Summer Picnic Dish, Harpsichord and Joseph’s Coat quilts. The last couple of weeks I’ve been identifying the size I want certain projects to finish at. WIth the size of each determined, it took only a few minutes to figure out what I needed to print to reach that goal. Sometimes I print only a few of each shape for a couple of blocks until I’m sure I want to make it into a quilt. Once that decision is made, I prefer to get everything printed at once and get the shapes cut and into a box ready to stitch such as I’ve done for the Stormy Seas quilt.

This gives you a glimpse of the some of the shapes I printed for the Harpsichord, Joseph’s Coat and Summer Picnic Dish quilts.  Using the various Inklingo collections to prepare my templates makes it so easy to print on any number of fabrics, even black fabrics as most are markedly lighter on the back than the front and the templates will show up perfectly with one of the many choices of ink colours.

Almost all the shapes are now cut and ready to be put in a box, along with the matching threads, for the Twinkling Stars quilt, which I plan on trying to finish between now and the end of the World Series.

Because it was such a beautiful day on Monday, we took Scrappy Star out to the roof garden to photograph. It’s growing and is now 24″ across.  It will be at least twice that width before I’ll stop adding rounds. I needed more of the squares, which was another reason for all the printing that was done on the weekend.

The back after pressing.

Baxter is starting to look like a grown-up kitty in some photos, although his antics are still pure kitten antics. I think he was trying out his hypnotic kitty look in this photo.

8 thoughts on “Printing and More Printing for Quilts

  1. Watching your star grow is very interesting! I think Baxter is looking at cat fairies…..cats can see them, but humans can’t. Sometimes they climb the wall so when the kitty seems to be staring at nothing, it’s really looking at a fairy. True………*grin*


  2. I really like your Scrappy Stars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quilt with one that’s 48″ across so I’ll be interested in seeing how it turns out. Although by that stage, have you thought of how many pieces you’ll have to add to go around once? Wow!

    Baxter is looking pretty grown up now. He’s a might handsome cat.


  3. I personally think that Baxter knows exactly how handsome he is-that’s why he is so photogenic and always ready for a good “photo op”.
    Cathi, I have a question and hope you can help-in October I’m taking a class in Burlington-it is a poinsetta candle mat ( of a sort) -it uses the Go accucutter-it is a little pricey-for my liking-probably around $400.00 plus dies.I’ve been trying to compare this with Inklingo-although the cutting would be pretty much eliminated with the Go-the Inklingo provides sewing lines once printed BUT you still need to cut out- For me, I think the sewing lines would provide me with more accuracy and I don’t imagine the cutter would provide sewing lines??I’m leaning towards NOT getting the Go cutter..The quilt shop told me the class is basically to sell the machine (and learn how to use it)-I would be betterto get the inklingo leaf shape collection(if they have one! and as accuracy is most important(I can still get my husband to cut out the shapes, LOL). Long shory (not) short, do you agree-(and I’m looking for a treadle for you, reasonable price)
    Thanks so much


  4. The scappy star is amazing and something that I don’t think I could ever get made, but it gets better and better as it grows! 🙂
    And Baxter gets better and better as he grows! So cute!


  5. Beautiful! Reminds me of a stained glass window. I saw where Bonnie was asking about…. Gosh, I don’t know about those Accu-Cutters. It reminds me of when I had my upholstery workroom and all those COMMERCIAL GRADE button dies would get dull,etc. I just see long term problems. It also reminds me of how a lot of folks (including ME!~) got into stamping when it was hot in the 90’s (I suppose it still is, I don’t know. I did note cards in my spare time, which was not a lot). I dropped a TON of money on that stuff!~ Finally gave it all to a neighbor who was into it and had small children. My point? I think it’s just more “stuff” to accumulate, keep up with, move, etc. I think INKLINGO is akin to the KINDLE for books. And you don’t have to sharpen, repair it,etc. Sorry to ramble, but that is my thought.


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