Pickled Ladies

It has been a while since I’ve worked on the Pickled Ladies blocks, but on the weekend two more were finished and added to the group.

They’re quick to stitch and press perfectly.

Once all the ones that are ready are stitched, I’ll have to decide whether to make the Pickled Ladies a lap quilt or wall hanging. I’m tempted to make it a lap quilt just for the sheer impact I think the blocks would have in a quilt of that size. Whatever size I make it, it’s going to have a very small plain border to frame it.

We got a new kitty bed for Baxter on the weekend. Of course, he had to have his favourite toy in there with him.

9 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies

  1. More Pickled Ladies mean just another quilt added to the 14!!!!! Yikes! Hmmmm…I see the quilting went by the wayside! 🙂 lol
    Baxter looks like he really likes his new bed and knows it’s his cushy place to settle!


  2. The ‘ladies’ would look elegant on the wall or draped over a chair or sofa. you can’t go wrong whichever you choose.

    Baxter didn’t take long getting used to his new bed. His favorite toy is a wonderful contrast in color with him and the bed.


  3. Are you sure that bed is big enough for Baxter to grow into? I’m impressed at how quickly he’s growing.

    Love the blocks, as always. I wonder, have you ever considered getting a vintage treadle sewing machine as a compromise between hand sewing and electric machine sewing?


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