Corner Plates

The main body of the Summer Plates top is put together. Now I’m working on the border, which will include corner plates like this one. It’s going to be a small rectangular quilt, perfect for a teddy bear picnic.

The back took only a second to press.

As soon as Mr. Q.O. picks out some fabrics for sunflower blocks, I’ll post a photo of his choices. I’m really curious to see what he does choose.

When we were setting up to take the pictures, Baxter decided to investigate. Shortly after this was taken, he was trying to attack the block.

9 thoughts on “Corner Plates

  1. These blocks are stunning and OMG Baxter is really sprouting up, isn’t he? What a face, too. Little puffy lips. Ohhhh those are cuteamous.


  2. Baxter is a really cute and photogenic kitty! My Maine Coon, Tarheel, was a prankster, too. He developed a paralysis in his hind legs and after several years he became crippled. I kept him for as long as possible but when he started having seizures, I knew it was time to let him go. He was 19 years old! It’s been two years and I still miss my old friend! Now, Bailey, a Maine Coon mix lives with us and 4 other rescues! What a trip he is! I know you are enjoying Baxter….he is too cute for words!



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