While I’m still waiting for the white on white fabric to finish the Feathered Star/Sunflower blocks, I have enough to get the last two blocks done other than the outside large triangles and squares. So out came the pieces, and I got the sunflower for the second-last block done.

It presses beautifully.

When he looked at the finished sunflower block, Mr. Q.O. suggested an abstract sunflower quilt. If he picks out the fabrics for the blocks, I’ll make them.

Baxter is growing. We’re seeing changes almost daily. We were lucky to get a shot of him awake as it seems he’s either sleeping or tearing around investigating everything and playing.

14 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. Beautiful block! I can’t wait to see what Mr QO picks out for his blocks!
    Baxter should get to pick his favorite fabrics for his quilt, by the way, where is his quilt? Shouldn’t there have been a welcome quilt involved in his adoption process?
    I love the little whisps of fur on the top of his ears! 🙂


  2. Mr QO’s choice should be interesting! Baxter is certainly growing, he is getting more handsome every day…..but don’t tell him I said so, we don’t want to give him a swollen head, do we.


  3. Gorgeous sunflower Cathi 🙂 This is going to be a beautiful quilt! I’m a bit slow but I just noticed the picture in your header. Is that the same quilt as the red one you are starting?
    What make of white on white do you prefer?
    Lovely picture of Baxter 🙂 he looks like he is sitting in someones hand. I had to do a double take. LOL. hugs Ellyx


  4. Love your sunflower and like the others I am waiting impatiently to see what fabrics Mr. QO picks out – and what his idea of “abstract” is. Interesting. And Baxter grows more handsome every day. Is he still trying to eat your fabric? My two kittens, Rusty and Ginger, did that for the first year or so. In fact, they ate (yes, definitely ATE) all of their cloth toys! Now they’re past a year and a half old and my wayward scraps of fabric are still where they were sitting the day before. They bat them around occasionally, but no more eating. I still make sure there are no loose threads around for them to ingest accidentally. Cat, eh?


  5. The sunflower block is so striking. It’s going to be a wonderful quilt.
    I’m glad Baxter decided to pose becasue you will need some good archive photos for comparison of his size later.


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