Sunflower Fabrics & A Question

Mr. Q.O. started picking out fabrics last night for sunflower blocks. So far these are the fabrics he likes, although the specific combinations aren’t settled on yet. These are going to be very vibrant sunflowers. There’s a stack of other fabrics that he’s still considering, so this group is bound to grow.

I’m getting ready to do some machine piecing this weekend, as well as some machine quilting. Yes, I said I’m going to do some machine piecing. I went through the Jinny Beyer Album of Patchwork Patterns and found a few blocks that will be quick (I hope) to make by machine.

Which brings me to the question. When I started to wind a couple of bobbins, this happened. It isn’t the first time that thread has wound on to a bobbin like this. Last spring when I went to Creativ Festival, I talked to one of the vendors in the Pfaff booth about it and she suggested that I hook the thread under the thread guide as it fed to the bobbin while winding. That clearly didn’t work for me. Does anybody have a solution to this? I have a Pfaff 1472.

Two Baxter photos today. A few minutes before this photo was taken, he was tearing around playing with toys, leaping on furniture and then, all of a sudden, he was sound asleep on the kitty scratcher which is also being used as something to chew. I don’t think it’s going to be long before it has to be replaced.

Earlier in the day, I got this shot of him in Mr. Q.O.’s computer chair.

16 thoughts on “Sunflower Fabrics & A Question

  1. Now, that picture of Baxter makes me almost, almost wish for a new kitten. Almost. He looks too cute. And I can’t wait to see what fabrics your (joint) Sunflowers end up being 🙂


  2. Sorry I have a Viking and a Bernina so I’m not sure what’s going on with your bobbin winder!
    Those will be bright Sunflowers! I’m sure whatever he comes up with will be wonderful as always!
    Baxter is a hoot! 🙂


  3. Mine ( Bernina) winds around a post in a figure 8 . The machine cannot be “threaded” up in any way, shape or form.


  4. Wish I had an answer for your bobbin question but I have a Bernina and a Featherweight and only know how to thread those for bobbins. Have you checked to see if there is a manual online or a Q & A on the Pfaff website? The photo of Baxter just cracks me up. It looks like a wind-up toy that ran down and just stopped in mid-play. Mr. QO’s sunflowers are going to be so bright and cheerful!!!


  5. I have a Bernina and I have to guide it with my finger as it winds onto the spool. Just gently put your finger on the bit of thread coming from the tension screw going to the bobbin and guide it up and down so it loads as evenly as possible. I don’t know any other solution, this is what I do.
    Baxter is soooo cutielicious!! Ellyx


  6. I have a Pfaff 2048 and I always wind the bobbins direct, so without fully threaded through the needle and everything. The thread goes from the spool to the guidace thing and then around the initial tension, then under the thread guide and onto the bobbin. I found the bobbin gets winded more evenly and not so loose if you 1st really pull the thread tight between the initial tension discs and then 2nd press down lightly on the initial tension. It is almost as if you put more tension on the thread and the bobbin winds better. I think I always pull the thread tight by holding the cone and then after the thread went around the initial tension give it a good pull. I hope this all makes sense since I am from Germany and to explain this in English is a bit of a challenge ;). Good luck with winding your bobbins the next time. Greetings from Germany, Inka


  7. I have a Bernina, so I’m afraid I’m not much help on the bobbin issue.

    I love seeing the photos of Baxter — my favorite Baxter features are, of course, his white eyeliner, and also those adorable bits of fur that extend beyond the tips of his ears. He’s so cute!


  8. I probably won’t be much help.
    I have a Viking and it winds through the needle so I don’t have a problem except when I try to wind too fast LOL

    Loving the Baxter pics


  9. No suggestions for the bobbin thing but I sure do love Mr QO’s selection of fabrics. These blocks will be wonderful :0)



  10. I hold something (like the handle of a pair of scissors, or a spoon) against the top of the thread spool, to give it a little drag and keep it from jumping around. It works to drag the thread between finger and thumb, too, or really anything else you can improvise to add a little friction, but I don’t like to feel the thread against my skin.


  11. Love my Pfaffs (1472 & 1475). When winding bobbins I find that putting a little extra tension on the thread helps it to fill better. Often I will wind on more thread by hand since the machine seems to click off when the bobbin is less than full.
    It has been years since I had a kitty and your pictures make me wish I wasn’t so highly allergic to them.


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