Pickled Ladies

It seems like a long time since I’ve worked on these pickled clamshells, but two more got finished last night. Thanks to a new little member of the household, stitching time seems to be at a premium right now. There were at least 2 hours last night when he was curled up in my arms, which meant absolutely no stitching.

Speaking of a new little member of the household, Baxter is fascinated by the kitty carrier. Since we brought him home, the carrier has been out as we were thinking he might like it as a “safe” place. Smudge had different ideas and has been cramming himself in there at every opportunity. It’s way too small for Smudge but that hasn’t stopped him. Baxter seems to like to get on top of it and peer in, whether Smudge is in there or not.

Baxter is clearly a quilter’s kitty in the making. The hoop has been collapsed and is down on the floor, so it can’t tip over while he’s exploring, but he seems to have decided it’s a good spot to relax.

Smudge was spending some time on the windowsill Wednesday afternoon.

Tomorrow is the Canada Day holiday, so that means a lovely long weekend.

15 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies

  1. Lovely ladies Cathi, pickled or not 😉 Smudge has a “I am not amused” look in the first picture with Baxter peering into the carrier, LOL… Bunny kisses to them both 🙂
    hugs Elly


  2. Great Picked Ladies blocks. Nice to see them out! Cathi – Baxter is such a hoot in these photos. Inquisitive he is – isn’t he? I can’t help but crack up at Smudge cramming himself in the carrier. He’s such a Funny Smudge.


  3. Love Smudge’s face in the first photo, like he is saying, is that furry ball really here to stay? Well then why don’t you tell him to behave!?

    Happy Canada Day Cathi! I bet I know what you will be doing!


  4. That picture of Smudge and Baxter is so funny, I can just imagine what Smudge is thinking…where did that little thing come from and when is he leaving? 🙂 He needs to know that he owns everything in the household and then he’s just allowing Baxter to be there!
    It’s interesting how they love the carrier for a good nap, until you want them to be in there for a trip to the vet! Can’t wait until the next pictures!
    Oh, and by the way, nice pickled ladies!


  5. Pretty Pickled Ladies, nice to see them again. I am enjoying your new little kitty, he is just gorgeous….but I haven’t forgotten Smudge, a big hug for him too! Best wishes for Canada Day.


  6. It must be quite the site seeing Smudge cram himself into that carrier. It’s wonderful seeing the two together, really shows how tiny Baxter is and how big he will eventually be :0)



  7. So happy for you now that Baxter is part of your family. I must say, the last time we had a kitten is the last time we have a kitten. Adult homeless is all I have energy for. You forget how active kittens are, and I keep forgetting how little energy I have now. But he’s just adorable!!!!


  8. Happy Canada Day….and happy kitten watching! What a perfect excuse not to sew…!!! I’m sure that new little bundle will add such joy to your lives…well worth the few hiccups…tangled threads and tumbled boxes…love those Pickled Ladies! Your fabrics are so, so nice!!!! Obviously when I was stash building…I had the wrong shops nearby!!! ;-)))) Still packing, still teary-eyed at all that must go away! Hugs to all..


  9. Oh my goodness ! Look what happens when I miss a day Here! There’s a new sweet adorable little one to love 🙂 How wonderful for all of you and a new buddy(?) for Smudge hahaha….I’m sure Smudge is wondering what the heck is going on!…His face says it all!..So happy for you!…Annie


  10. Cathi,
    I have been away for awhile. First, congrats on your new pattern sales. You do such beautiful work. Secondly, how great that you have a new kitten, he is very pretty. I hope all of you will be very happy together!


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