Stitching A Flying Swallows Block – Lots of Photos

A bright summery block of flying swallows seemed right for this little tutorial. Mr. Q.O. calls them bats, but …

There are a number of pieces in the block, but it really is an eight-point star made up of pieced 90-degree diamonds. Each of the pieced 90-degree diamonds is made up of 3 diamonds and 4 triangles. First piece the 3 diamonds together.

Then take advantage of the continuous stitching opportunity offered when adding the 4 triangles to the diamond unit as shown in this photo. Following the arrows, it’s possible to stitch all the triangles to the diamonds without breaking the thread.

Make sure the top and bottom triangles are placed the right way so that you end up with a larger 90-degree diamond.

While I usually wait until a block is completed to press it, this block is an exception. Pressing the pieced diamonds before joining them to one another makes the final pressing easier.

Join the 90-degree diamonds to create the eight-point star, making sure all the swallows are flying in the same direction.

Add the setting squares and triangles and the block is done. This block finishes at about 15″ and is destined to be part of a stitching book cover. I made it using the 6″ LeMoyne Star Inklingo collection, which has all the shapes to make the block other than the outer setting triangle.

Smudge found this whole process so calming that he fell asleep with some soft stuffed toys to keep him company!


It seems that our ISP is bouncing some e-mails from friends. If you have e-mailed me in the past day or two and haven’t heard back, please let me know in a comment.

6 thoughts on “Stitching A Flying Swallows Block – Lots of Photos

  1. Oh my how magical. I love that orange. I absolutely love the entire block. Thank you for breaking it down – very cool of you. The cover of a stitching book sounds PHENOMENAL. I mean, if a girl really uses one and all. What a giveaway that would be. Golly.


  2. Love how you drew the lines to show the continuous stitching :0) I haven’t had a comment bounce but will forward the e-mail if one does. I know from experience that your ISP like to have the bounced e-mail so they can fix things at their end.



  3. Great tutorial! Well, the orange does go along with Halloween, but since bats are black or brownish, I would have to say no to the bat comment, throw in black swallows with a brown background to the block and you do have bats! What a nice Halloween quilt that could make! That might wake up ol’ Smudge!


  4. Cathi Love,
    This block is BEAUTIFUL! You know I have always admired your work, but…you have outdone yourself with this one. The fabric choices are wonderful!


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