A Little More Shabby Coat

I know, I know. I said I was going to stick with the little Dresden Plates but I couldn’t resist adding a bit more to the shabby Joseph’s Coat. I’m so thrilled with this new Inklingo collection that I really can’t leave it alone! It’s really quick to stitch and presses oh, so easily. Even with all those seams intersecting in the centres, it lies flat as can be. This could grow into a lap quilt rather quickly.

Quilts that go together as you stitch them, rather than having blocks to join at the end, always attract me. When I finish stitching the blocks, it’s done.

The back:

We had crazy weather Wednesday night. First fog, then rain, then thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Sounds like there’s more of the same in store for us today.

Smudge was enjoying himself, stretched out on the windowsill. That’s a definite sign that summer is here.

8 thoughts on “A Little More Shabby Coat

  1. Gosh this is so alluring. You have some luscious fabrics in there, Cathi. Truly!!! I can imagine how comfy this will be to snuggle under when its finished. And by the way, that’s a pretty nice spot Smudge chose – bright and sunshiny. Y’all need to stop stealing the rain though. We’re very desert-like here in Florida. So sad.


  2. I never thought about the fact that once you piece those blocks, they are all done and no setting pieces, etc., nice thought. Nice colors, too!
    Smudge is looking relaxed as usual!


  3. Your Shabby Coat is just beautiful Cathi :0) Weather has been very whacky here too, 80 one day 60 the next, we never know what we will get.



  4. It’s such a lovely block and the fabrics you’ve chosen give it a lovely, summery feel. It may seem like a daft question but do you press with or without steam? I always press with steam but am wondering if I’d be better changing that habit, particularly when I start using Inklingo (which is going to be very soon!).


  5. Ahhh, yes… I remember the window sill days!~ It’s that time again, eh?!?!
    so cute. Just dreaming of catching birds and… ? hmmm….precious. Just resting. πŸ™‚
    Oh, I LOVE your blocks. Just beautiful! Definitely a nice summer project. ENJOY!


  6. This is going to be such a gorgeous quilt Cathi πŸ™‚ and you are stitching them up so quick. I’ve got 4 more of the outer melons to stitch to just get my first one done and it’s taking me all week. But like you said it does stitch up nicely…. either that or I’m actually improving, LOL. I’m doing just one block for my Rainbow Scrappy, this will also serve as my practice block for this collection πŸ™‚ Bunny kisses for handsome Smudge πŸ™‚ Ellyx
    ps meant also to say how unbelievably well this block presses. When I was pressing the center of my block I first wondered how it would go with all those seams in the middle but then I went and looked at yours and followed suit and hey presto it worked a charm! I am so pleased you always post a picture of the back side of your blocks. Thank you.


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