Summer Plates

Getting the Summer Plates done has moved up the list. Why? Because I really want to get this top done while we can still get good pictures outdoors. Somehow taking pictures of this one in summer seems right. So Monday night, although Joseph’s Coat was really calling to me, I got started and added the frames to two of the plates.

The blocks finish at 9″. I’m thinking this will be a small lap quilt that will look wonderful draped over a chair or the loveseat. Makes me think I want to find a wallpaper with huge cabbage roses in faded peaches and pinks for the living room and have a completely shabby chic look. Not sure what Mr. Q.O. would think of that.

The back:

Smudge, caught yet again just shortly after diving in his water bowl. If you enlarge the photo, you can see that his ruff is looking rather matted after getting so wet. Thankfully, his fur is so silky that it combs out in seconds.

7 thoughts on “Summer Plates

  1. Good LORD that is going to be gorgeous!~and love the wallpaper idea!!! 🙂
    Right “up my alley”!!! 🙂 LOVE that look! LOVE IT!!!~
    Have you seen the Victoria magazine? I’ve not taken it in years, but love the dreaminess of looking through it.
    Your fabrics are gorgeous. Great work Cathi! Love Smudge so…He looks as if he’s dreaming of something… what could it be?!?!!? 🙂


  2. I love the plates, it’ll make a really nice summer quilt, but then again, all of your quilts will make nice quilts!
    You should trace Smudge’s family tree, there might be an otter in the lineage!


  3. These are just awesome, Cathi!

    p.s. Emails to your rogers account were bounced back to me – just so you know. I tried twice, and wasn’t able to send emails to you successfully.


  4. I love your idea for a shabby room but I know what my DH would say! LOL
    I tend to like a sort of English cottage look with a bit of American 1940’s-50’s kitchen thrown in LOL
    Good luck with finishing them off before summer ends with all the great collections calling your name


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