Shabby Coat

Did I get distracted this weekend? Oh, yes! Saturday a new Joseph’s Coat Inklingo Collection was released and I was immediately and totally captivated. Couldn’t resist. Thanks to the fact I hadn’t yet put away the shabby chic fabrics after cutting and printing Yin Yang shapes, I immediately grabbed a bunch of them, some background fabric and started printing. By late Saturday night the first ring was done.

Sunday evening, I added a bit more. The curves are so gentle that no clipping into the seam allowance is needed at all. More curved piecing. Irresistible to me. I know this will be a lap quilt so have printed 150 melons so far. Between this and the Yin Yang, I’m going to have a wonderfully shabby summer!

It presses like a dream. I followed the pressing suggestion in the Collection and pressed the seam allowances towards the melons.

Smudge was sitting in Mr. Q.O.’s computer chair after diving in his water bowl. He was just about dry when we got this shot.

15 thoughts on “Shabby Coat

  1. It will be a gorgeous coat!!! I have great admiration for your ironing!! Really I do!!! Must admit I lack that patience hihihi!! And the fabrics … hmmmmm …. lovely!! have a great day, hugs, Daniëlle


  2. Ohhh I am so lovin’ this. …and what a cute picture of the freshly clean Smudge. Gosh friend, you’re going to need to start restocking that Shabby Stash one of these days I tell ya!!!


  3. Oooo I’m lovin’ this block in your shabby fabrics. All of the blocks I have seen in brights and you know me and my love of brights, but your shabby block is wonderful!!



  4. Crispy told me about you using the inklingo method. I just was looking over the web site recently. I have not tried it but was thinking of it. Really like the Joseph’s coat idea for using scraps – how many pieces though print on each piece of fabric. I have so many scraps that wouldn’t be large enough for a whole sheet of freezer paper. Is there a way to print out pieces that are smaller than that?


    • It’s very easy to use scraps. I hardly ever print on a full-size piece of freezer paper or fabric but often use quite small sheets. You can set your own size pages using the “custom page size” feature that’s found in virtually all Inkjet printers.


  5. You’re amazing Cathi 🙂 These shabby coats are gorgeous and you’ve done them so quickly too. I too was tempted by this collection but have only got enough printed for one wheel and have only got as far as stitching almost one melon in, LOL… you stitch so fast!! But I have to say these soft curves are not as hard as some of the curvy ones. When doing scrappy how many melons are you printing from each fabric?
    My first one is to go with my Rainbow scrap blocks so will be my tester but I’m thinking I’d like to do a lapsize too and have some fig tree fabrics that would look good for this project….. like I shouldn’t be concentrating on some of my other ufos, hee hee..
    Bunny smooches to Smudge, Ellyx


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  7. What a beautiful pattern – I could see how easy it would be to get obsessed with this one! I love the fabrics you used also – beautiful!! And of course another beautiful kitty shot!


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