One Shabby, One Contented Kitty Block

While I got a lot of printing done over the weekend, the amount of stitching that was done was rather minimal. I’m still working on the secret project, but can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

More of the shabby chic yin yang shapes were printed — a total of 95 more, that is. To make the quilt the size I want, I need to print at least another 125 shapes. That I’ll work on over the next week or two. None of the fabrics for the contented kitty blocks got printed. Nor did any of the backgrounds for the Dresden Plates. Those fabrics are pulled and waiting on the disaster area known as my sewing table. That’s another job for this week or next or else I’m afraid there will be an avalanche.

I’m now so far behind on responding to comments that it’s embarrassing. Rather than promise to catch up, I’m just going to say I’ll do my best — and tell you that I do really appreciate all the comments. Once I get past one last hurdle with this project, things should quiet down a bit and I’ll get back to normal.  I hope.

Smudge was curled up on the couch while the baseball game was on — and close to Mr. Q.O.’s baseball glove.

7 thoughts on “One Shabby, One Contented Kitty Block

  1. Wow that is a lot of printing!!! It’s going to be one beautiful quilt though :0) Smudge is doing the same thing I do when Baseball is on LOL.



  2. Your printer certainly had a workout! I can’t wait to see that one done!
    Smudge obviously isn’t sportsminded, is he? I bet he was wishing the Animal Planet station was on tv instead of the baseball game.


  3. Hello! I’ve been absent from your blog since my house craziness but am so happy to see Smudge being Smudge and all your projects in process:) Smudge is just too cute with the baseball glove. Which team is his favorite? Best wishes to all at Q.O.


  4. Cathi,

    No one can be more behind than I am on responding to comments… I am still trying to work my way back to try to catch up. I have some holdovers from last year, gasp!!!

    Again, beautiful blocks.


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