Joining the Pink Ice Blocks and …

Over the weekend I finally settled on an arrangement for the Pink Ice blocks and have started stitching them together. I’m stitching the blocks into rows by  hand. Because there are many points and I want my seams to line up exactly, stitching by hand is the best choice for me. It doesn’t take long to join 5 blocks into a row and then join the rows to one another. So far, I have two rows joined and the third is waiting to be added. I have a couple of different ideas for a border treatment but won’t be making any decisions on that until the main body of the top is together.

What have I been working on lately that has been taking so much time? Well, over the past few weeks I have been working on a pattern for Chintz Circles. Along with that, I was putting together a web site. I’m very happy to report that late yesterday, the web site went live and my first pattern is listed. More patterns are in the works. Writing patterns has been one of my goals for some time. My blog will remain a place to talk about projects I’m working on, our activities and cat/cats.

We have had a stretch of relatively cool weather since mid-week last week.  Monday was more of the same but the forecast appears to indicate that by the time Wednesday arrives, we’ll be back to more summer-like weather. I can’t wait!

Smudge was content to lounge in the pink chair. There was no baseball game for him to watch Monday night.

28 thoughts on “Joining the Pink Ice Blocks and …

  1. The Pink Ice blocks are looking fantastic together!! Congrats on your new site, it looks fabulous! I wish you the best of luck with the site and the patterns. As far as baseball goes, I know you love the Jays, but I am so happy with how the Sox are doing.


  2. Congratulations Cathi!~ You are a Pioneer Woman with your quilt patterns for today’s hand piecing generation. Lots of hard work on your part will be appreciated by many!~ I can’t wait to get started very soon! I am SO proud of you!!! Thank you.
    I LOVE this top! Just beautiful!


  3. I love those Pink Ice blocks, that will be a fabulous quilt!
    And a website! Now that’s nice!
    Smudge looks good with pinks, he’ll probably want to lounge on that new Pink Ice quilt!:)


  4. I love seeing the secondary design in the Pink Ice. It took a moment for my eyes to see the star shapes, weird because stars are usually the first thing I will see in a quilt LOL.

    I agree….a very cute little girl sewing away in that picture. Love your header too :0)



  5. Pink Ice is looking superb – she’s going to be a stunning quilt! Congratulations on your website – I hope it’s hugely successful!


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  7. Your new pattern is fantastic, Cathi.
    You are better at designing and writing patterns than you are at making an annoucement. LOL
    When you buried this Big, Wonderful news in the second paragraph, we decided to write about you on the All About Inklingo blog.
    You are an inspiration.Congratulations!


  8. Congratulations, Cathi, on your new website and pattern! I’m so happy for you. You are one of the most prolific and talented quilters I know and deserve much success.


  9. Cathi – You are a wonder … stitching, designing, experimenting with colors … adding beauty to our world. Thank you!,


  10. Congrats Cathi! I have been following your blog for some time and am happy to see you evolve from quilter to designer! 🙂 That’s wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorials on your blog. I’m sure your designs and pattern instructions will be just as good, if not better.


  11. Well done Cathi! I wish you lots of success with your pattern business. I am sure your lovely designs becoming available as patterns will contribute to the success of Inklingo as well.

    Hugs, Anneke in Rotterdam


  12. Cathie…Congratulations on your new endeavor!… Love . it .all. ..Cutest little girl photo! Wonder who that might be? 🙂 … I know you will do great as your designs are beautiful!…hugs to Smudge too!…Annie


  13. So excited about your new website and patterns!!!!!! Congratulations and I know it will be a great venture for you:) Is Smudge all back to normal and back to his old self again? I do hope so. I just got good news about Morpheus’ test results and everyone is happy that thyroid and kidneys appear good for another year.


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