Another Contented Kitty Block and Playing with Fabric

One more Contented Kitty block to add to the collection. They’re just so much fun to stitch that I can’t resist. I have enough pieces printed and cut now for another 3 or 4 blocks. There are other brown and gold fabrics I want to add to the mix. Before I stitch any more of these blocks, I’m going to print on the other fabrics and mix them all up.

Wednesday night I was sorting through one of the containers in which I keep pieces I’ve printed and cut and ran across these edge shapes for clamshells. I have no idea what I had in mind when I printed them (note to self: make notes of what you’re thinking!) so decided to just have some fun stitching the little shapes. Curved piecing and tiny blocks — what more could I ask? Each of these blocks finishes at 3″. I think these will be perfect for a mini quilt.

We went from a humidex reading near 40C on Tuesday to a high this morning of 11C. That’s a huge change and completely explains the migraine I’ve been battling for the last 24 hours or so. It was brilliantly sunny on Wednesday but very windy and the wind continued through the night.

Smudge wasn’t affected by it at all.  He was too busy posing for the camera.

9 thoughts on “Another Contented Kitty Block and Playing with Fabric

  1. Great blocks, again! Smudge looks way too serious, he needs to lighten up, perhaps he’s just waiting to sprawl out on that new Contented Kitty quilt that you’re making!


  2. Cute little blocks! Wind is not good, it definitely affects people adversely – I used to work in education, and the students were always restless and ratty on windy days.


  3. Contented Kitty is AMAZING. Cathi, Cathi, Cathi… are you listening? OMG that cuteamous little DP is so wunnerful. You have a stash of those do ya? Oh MY GAWD what fun. What total fun.


  4. Cathi, sounds like you are having lots of fabric fun. Those contented kitty blocks are great. Smudge looks very handsome today. My Callie, who is laying right beside my laptop says so. (grin)Have a good day.


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