Another Spring Circles Block

When I made one block last week, I really didn’t intend to make another right away but I couldn’t resist. They are fun to stitch. Doesn’t hurt that it means I’m working with my favourite shabby chic fabrics again and that this block has it all — curved piecing and continuous stitching.

After pressing all the seams in one direction the block lies flat as can be and the back looks almost as good as the front.

After what seems like a long cool and damp spring, we are in the midst of a mini heat wave.  Yesterday was gorgeous and hot.  Today the forecast is for a humidex reading somewhere in the high 30s or even as much as 40C.  I’m not complaining after all those weeks of rainy cool weather.  In fact, if we don’t get thunderstorms this afternoon, I plan to spend some time out on the roof garden soaking up the warmth.

Smudge was quite content after his yogourt treat.  Mr. Q.O. is working on the video of him drinking.  As soon as it’s uploaded, I’ll post it.

7 thoughts on “Another Spring Circles Block

  1. Love those colors and fabrics!
    I hope you get out to the roof garden, sounds like a great idea! We’ve gone from cold and wet to hot, windy and 90’s this week! No spring, just winter to summer 😦


  2. My daughter says it has been very warm in Upstate NY (above Lake George in Adirondacks). I sent Ethan a little swimming pool, which he is spending his days playing in outside while his brother naps. I think today I shall send juice popsicle making items… SO glad you have your rooftop garden to enjoy! I really love this block and look forward to seeing the video.


  3. Great block!! We are finally heating up this week. Makes me worry about tornado threats but I’ll put up with that just so I can toast my cold bones in some warm sunshine for a change.



  4. Interesting to see the Alabama Beauty block again! Oh my, that heat and humidity is a bit too uncomfortable for me….I’m quite happy with the cool weather (and even some rain) we are having here. Looking forward to seeing Smudge on film!


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