Two More Dresden Plates

Two more finished on the weekend. That’s 5 complete now, and now the decision has to be made as to the layout, as the ideas I have don’t require more full plates but rather half and three-quarter plates.  That will be a decision I have to make this week, as I really don’t want to stop making them for any length of time.

Finally – finally! – I managed to learn enough in EQ to design a quilt. I’m thrilled!!  It has been years that I’ve had EQ but had never really gotten anywhere with it. This weekend I just sat down and worked my way through it and was so pleased at the end. Now I understand why people like it so much — I was so tempted to play and design a few more quilts once I had made it through the first one, and have a feeling I’ll be doing just that sometime today.

We’ve had what seems like weeks and weeks of rainy weather, which has meant very little in the way of adventures for Hugo. He was helping Mr. Q.O. do a cryptic crossword the other day. It’s about time for Hugo to leave here. However, I’m a bit concerned about sending him off anywhere as there’s the threat of a postal strike here and I’d hate for him to end up languishing in a box in the post office while a strike is on.

Smudge was absolutely tuckered out after one of his sessions at the water bowl on Sunday. Mr. Q.O. managed to get a video of him drinking which will be edited and posted sometime this week.

9 thoughts on “Two More Dresden Plates

  1. There is definitly a learning curve with EQ but the possibilities with the program are almost endless. I would be lost without mine :0)

    Yep, you should hang onto poor Hugo until the strike threat is over and I’m looking forward to seeing Smudge dunk his face in his water bowl LOL.



  2. Good morning Cathi 🙂 (not often I get to say that ;))
    I just love, love, love, these little dresden plates you’re making. I can’t wait to see what layout design you come up with.
    Well done finally managing to get to grips with EQ. I did too a couple months back. I was wanting to up grade to 7 but realized I’d never properly learned either 5 or 6.. It is so much fun. I think it was Anneke that spurred me on.
    I hope Hugo can get on his way soon but I understand your worry about him languishing in a pile at the PO.f
    Oh Smudge, that’s just what I want to do, LOL, curl up and have a sleep and I’m not long up! Lots of rain here and dreichness for the past week or so now…does wear you down a bit. But still could be worse, or so I keep telling myself 😉
    Take care, bunny kisses to smudge from my bunnies. Ellyx


  3. I can’t wait to see this one finished! Nice soft colors, too!
    I was wondering if Hugo and Smudge get along and how do they relate? Smudge is just too cute when he’s in his little sleeping basket! 🙂


  4. EQ7 is such fun, I’m glad you designed a quilt – are we going to see it? I am currently joining blocks I designed for a challenge quilt…..even drew the blocks myself, you have no idea how pleased I am! Your Dresden Plates are so pretty, they remind me of plates my grandmother owned. I wonder where Hugo is headed next? Looking forward to seeing Smudge on film!


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