Summer Plates

Thursday was yet another day of rain.  Today is supposed to be more of the same. While I am determined to keep making the red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower blocks, I had a migraine Thursday and wanted something simple to stitch.  These Dresden Plates are the perfect project for times like that.  I’ll make a few more full plates and then start adding half and 3/4 plates as well.  The design is all figured out in my mind and I don’t think it’s going to take long to put together.

I got all the blades cut out and ready to stitch.  I love the cheerfulness of these little plates.  I think it will make the perfect summer quilt – perhaps for a picnic out on the roof garden.

For the first time in months, Smudge decided he wanted his yogourt treat.  Mr. Q.O. and I stood in the kitchen for ages watching him lap it up.  Earlier Thursday afternoon, I walked into the kitchen and saw this – Smudge stretched out on the floor, and resting his head on the water bowl.

13 thoughts on “Summer Plates

  1. Cathi ~ the plates look great ~ I am thinking of using this collection but can’t decide how I should piece or applique ~ how did you you do yours?


  2. Great colors for summer. Glad Smudge is back to enjoying his yogurt treats. Do you just give him plain yogurt? I never thought about giving yogurt to my Callie. She is a picky eater. I will have to try that.


  3. I also love the summer plates but am I the only one who is surprised you consider that a simple project and can do it when you have a migraine?? Dresden Plate is one of my very favorite patterns and I think it is because I find it hard. When I have a migraine I look more like the cat.


  4. Again, I love the novelty of the round Dresden Plates…is it just an additional piece added…will they stay round…??? The look lovely with a floral background! Amazing! So talented you are!


  5. Silly Smudge photo! So glad to hear he is enjoying his yogurt treat again. My cat Gomez likes Greek yogurt and now sits on the butcher block and meows and meows when I get the carton out.


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