Rouenneries Drunkard’s Path Blocks

All the little Drunkard’s Path units were made by Sunday and I started putting them into blocks of 4.  So far I have about 18 or 20 of the blocks done, so it won’t take too long to get them finished.   I’m really looking forward to seeing this one together, and am planning the border for it already.

The weekend was one of extremes.  Extremely cold temperatures – wind chills of -15 seemed rather outrageous for late March.  Extremely different outcomes from quilt-related endeavours on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I started to make a large stitching book and realized that one of the applique blocks I was planning to use hadn’t even been finished.  There were still a couple of pieces that had been back basted, but never actually appliqued on.  The block had been sitting for at least 5 or 6 years.  There were other blocks, so that wasn’t a huge issue.  Cut the backing for the stitching book and cut it too small.   Pressed the backing for the Ferris Wheel quilt, started to lay it out to baste and realized I had washed and ironed the wrong piece that wasn’t the right size.  Then I got out the other piece of the backing, washed it and decided quit at that point before something else went wrong.

Sunday was a totally different story.  Stitching book put together and basted, just needs to be quilted.   Binding for the stitching book made and ready.  Ferris Wheel basted and ready to quilt.  Sorted all the little drunkard’s path units and have stacks of the 4 units needed for each block all ready to stitch.

I’ve been avoiding the computer as much as possible since Thursday.  I seem to have a pinched nerve that makes using the keyboard for any length of time uncomfortable. I owe responses to a few comments from last week still — and will try to get through them slowly.   I’m thankful that this isn’t making stitching difficult.

Smudge, sound asleep.

Lester in his newest favourite spot, under my desk.

10 thoughts on “Rouenneries Drunkard’s Path Blocks

  1. Wow, you have been busy!! Love the drunkard’s path and I am looking forward to seeing your Ferris Wheel quilt in the process of quilting. Isn’t this weather just a little depressing for March?


  2. Would you look at that great shot of Smudge the sleeping kitty? How neat. And Lester under the desk? Is that a built in foot warmer or what?!

    OKAY I JUST HAVE TO SAY these DP’s are an excellent way to display this beautimous fabric!!!! Very luscious.


  3. ACK!! I hate it when a quilting day goes wrong…great recovery on Sunday though LOL. The Rouenneries is going to be such a beautiful quilt!!



  4. You may have had a bad day but you fare made up for it on Sunday 🙂 DP are looking gorgeous. I love this range of fabrics. Just want to smooch Smudges nose and Lester should be able to keep your feet warm while you’re at your desk 😉 Weather changeable here too. Never know just what to wear when you go out.
    I hope your pinched nerve sorts itself out soon. Take care, Ellyx


  5. Love your Drunkard’s Path. Perfect to highlight beautiful Rouenneries. Smudge is adorable and Lester looks like he is guarding the space underneath your desk from all dangers 🙂


  6. I’ve been away for a while. Just getting back to quilting, blogging and reading my favorite blogs. Good to see Smudge and Lester are still doing well. 🙂


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