Quilt Labels

Labels for quilts are something I look forward to making.  When I began quilting, labels seemed like something I could skip and needn’t worry about.  It didn’t take long though, before I started seeing how much fun it could be to plan a label that reflected, in some small way, the pattern on the front of the quilt.

The picture above is an exception.  It really didn’t reflect the front of the quilt but it was a label I made for a group quilt, which can be seen here.  There were a lot of names that had to be written on that label, so I took what was a placemat size and that was the label.

This one was done for the king-size shabby chic quilt I made using elongated hexagons and regular hexagons.  While the hexagons on the front of the quilt were all 1″, I had to use a 2″ hexagon to give me enough room to write the pertinent information and then I surrounded it with elongated hexagons in one of the fabrics that was used in the quilt.

A hexagon Christmas tree wall hanging was given to a friend which had an embroidered Christmas tree on some muslin to make the label.

This label was made for one of my favourite quilts, Chintz Circles, which was given to my aunt in August.  The fabrics and shapes used to make the label were reflective of the design of the quilt and gave me just enough room on which to write the details.

Cameron’s Windmills, which was a baby quilt I made earlier this year, was another for which I used a 2″ hexagon as the basis for my label.  The hexagon was surrounded by other half hexagons, which was the shape used to make the tessellating windmills.

As soon as Ferris Wheel is quilted and bound, I will be writing out the details on this label and attaching it to the back.  While stitching the blocks together, I was thinking about a label for the quilt and wishing I could make one more block.  The answer was obvious — make another centre and use the cream blades as the space on which to write the details.

I’ve been thinking about quilt labels a lot lately as I’ve been looking at all the pictures of the gorgeous red and white quilts that are being displayed in New York and wondering just what the labels on some of them might be.  While I absolutely love seeing the pictures of the quilts, I do wish that sometimes show organizers would take the time to photograph and display some of the quilt labels.

Do you make labels for your quilts?  Do you look at it as a chore or do you enjoy it?  If you think of it as a chore, try looking at the blocks you’ve used for the quilt and see if you can isolate one that would give you enough space to write the details you wish to include and make that one extra block.  Set it aside and then, when your quilt is done, your label is there and ready.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Labels

  1. Yes, I’ve been thinking about labels lately and the fact that not a single quilt in my possesion has a label on it! I better get busy with that. I have embroidered (with my embroidery machine) labels for customer quilts when they want one, but have yet to get the labels on my own quilts. Somebody needs to wake me up on that one! 🙂


  2. I have heard that the majority of the quilts in the R&W exhibit aren’t labeled. 😦

    I have been working on an applique quilt and find myself with extra flowers. I got to thinking that one or two would look very nice on a label.

    I always label my quilt.


  3. Your labels are as beautiful as your quilts Cathi. For me it has always been a chore. Though my first couple of labels I put more effort into the ones since have got simpler and simpler even to writing on the sleeve..
    But seeing your labels here I think I will have to make more effort.
    I love the first label and the quilt it went on to 🙂 I can see you put a lot of effort into that large label.
    Thank you for a wonderful inspiring post 🙂 Ellyx


  4. I am now enjoying making labels. I did a little paper pieced kimono for the label on a quilt made with Japanese inspired fabric. Three tiny log cabins for a log cabin quilt. Used a leftover block, like you did, for another quilt.

    It is another place to be creative.


  5. Cathi, you are doing things right, and go beyond what’s required too. Love the personalized touch for your labels.

    I am ashamed to say that I don’t do labels anymore, but intend to go back when things slow down to document my quilts. Most of the time, I get my quilts finished just in the nick of time to ship them off to the editors.

    I think I will do something really special for my Civil War Bride quilt since that’s a totally “me” project.


  6. I have never made a label for any of my quilts, except for one wallhanging that was put in a local show. To be honest, I don’t think I will pick up the habit LOL.



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