Stormy Seas

Finally, another Stormy Seas block.  Tuesday night the box containing the pieces for these blocks came out and one more block has now been added to the group.  That said, there’s a very long way to go until I have them all done.

Hopefully by the time this week ends I’ll have the Farmer’s Delight blocks finished. That’s my goal as I’d like to start playing with a setting idea.  Whether that plan is going to work depends on how much of the background fabric I have left.  I don’t think there’s much, so I’m going to have to get creative.

For some inexplicable reason, the program in which Mr. Q.O. keeps kitty photos crashed Tuesday night.  So I’ve gone back in the archives to find some good pictures of the boys.  This one of Smudge was taken back in September.

Lester , also back in September.

9 thoughts on “Stormy Seas

  1. Hello Cathi! Your Stormy Seas look wonderful! I love those blue colours and they give the sense of the sea!
    Hugs for your boys! xxx Teje


  2. When I first started getting into quilting in Missouri, I had a friend that just lost a daughter and so I thought going to a guild would get her mind off of it. Well….the guild chose to do Storm at Sea for a raffle. That was the hardest block to do….and I didn’t know about the 1/4th seam or squaring, it was a learning experience for sure…. So every time I see this I shake my head and go, never again. Yours looks lovely.


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