A Stack of Stitching

This may not look like a lot, but there are quite a few blocks there to be stitched.  At least 100, I believe.  I love having a stack all ready to stitch like this.  I even went ahead and clipped into all the concave seam allowances so that I can just stitch and stitch and not have to stop and clip any of the seam allowances.

One more little Harpsichord Quilt block is made.  This is not a UFO that I want to leave languishing for too long as I think it will be a very striking quilt.  So once I get 2 more finished, it’s moving to the top of the list and, in the meantime, I will try to make a couple of blocks a week.

I realized yesterday that a larger stitching book would be even more useful so finally have a use for my orphan applique blocks.  There are a number of them that have been sitting now for years.  They can be quickly joined, quilted and turned into stitching books and that makes me happy.

There were a number of helpful responses yesterday.  I’m going to e-mail the blogger in question, as Wendy suggested, and then see what happens.

The cats had very lazy days on Monday.  Lester was lounging at one end of the couch.   He did spend some time on the windowsill Monday, though.  I think he’s getting impatient for some activity out on the roof garden.

While Smudge was at the other end of the couch and barely awake when this shot was taken.

12 thoughts on “A Stack of Stitching

  1. So lovely to see your Kitty Babies in this post! Give them hugs from us.
    I have so many probs, I am happy when Morty ‘talks’ to me– even if it is only to demand food!


  2. Oh you know me. I love stacks. They’re so inspiring. How delightful that photo is. …and oh my but I’ve forgotten how pretty the Harpsichord blocks are. I’m kinda excited to see that array of fabrics you have for this again!

    Sleepy Smudge pic – so sweet.


  3. Isn’t that a great feeling to have a stack all ready to go. I had forgotten about the harpsichord block – it’s very pretty – looking forward to seeing more.


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