Carpenter’s Wheel — Lots of Photos

A friend asked me how I’d make one of the Carpenter’s Wheel blocks so I decided to do a mini tutorial on it.  Smudge is watching intently.

The first thing I did was figure out what I needed to print, which was 8 diamonds for the centre star, 8 squares in the background fabric to surround the centre star, a total of 24 other diamonds for the frame around the star/square centre,  8 QSTs and 8 more squares in the background fabric, and 4 squares in another colour for the corners.  Once that was done, it took only minutes to print and then cut out my pieces.

The first step was to make the centre star.

The next step is to add the 8 squares around the centre star.  As I hand piece, I look for these continuous stitching possibilities.  Two lengths of thread later and all the squares were added.

Pressing after each round isn’t normally something I do, but this time I did.

The next step is to make the frame of diamonds that will surround the centre star/squares.  As I was using two colours, I first stitched the purple diamond pairs and then added the orange diamonds in between and continued joining them until I had the frame ready.

Another opportunity for lots of continuous stitching and a few threads later, the frame is added.  In fact, it went so fast that I had started to add the final squares and QSTs around the block before I remembered to take this picture.

The final step is to add the background squares and QSTs around the perimeter. Again, lots of continuous stitching.  When adding the squares and QSTs, I left the corner squares until the end so that I could take advantage of the continuous stitching opportunities and then went back and added the 4 final squares.

It presses beautifully and lies flat as can be.  Because of the perfect stitching lines and matching points printed with Inklingo, making this block is not difficult at all.  I used the 6 inch LeMoyne Star collection to make my block, which finishes at 12″.

The fabrics I used for this block really had me out of my normal comfort zone as far as colour goes.  It was interesting stitching and now that it’s done, it’s on its way to a friend.

Lester found this whole thing so relaxing that he fell asleep!  He’s continuing to improve and has been playing with toys, is eating on his own and seems more like himself every day.

15 thoughts on “Carpenter’s Wheel — Lots of Photos

  1. Great tutorial and explanation of how it is done via hand piecing. I have done this one on machine and it is done slightly different, but equally as quick. The color choices are great! Glad to hear that Lester is improving!


  2. Wonderful tutorial! Your blocks always look stunning!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to the “O” household…maybe you should pull out a few reds/pinks to celebrate…then hope Mr O has plans for dinner! Hugs and happy stitching!


  3. Cracks me up how Smudge was watching so intently. It’s nice to watch him participate. As for the block I’m having a huge ah ha! moment. What a great tutorial. You make it look so easy and fun. 🙂 Thank you!


  4. One of these days I’m going to break down and try the inklingo! I just love your blocks. Glad to hear Lester is doing well and Smudge just watched, not participated like my guys would have insisted on doing. 🙂


  5. Hey Cathi,
    Wonderful tutorial. I also wanted to say how pretty the blocks in the previous couple of posts are. I am so glad that Lester is feeling better. I hope he continues to improve and that Smudge will continue eating. Have a wonderful day. Winona


  6. Thanks for the great tute…not so mini afterall LOL
    Glad that both kitties are doing better and getting back to ruling the roost once more
    I love that you show the back side so that we can see how neatly it looks when done!


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