Farmer’s Delight in Stages

Another Farmer’s Delight block completely finished.

One that just needs the frame around it to square it up.

And a third which is awaiting its two bands of triangles.  I’ve decided to make the remaining blocks all at once.  It’s faster, I think, if I make the blocks up to the point of completing the addition of the two rounds of triangles and then, once the remaining 3 or 4 blocks are at that stage, I’ll add the frames to square them up all at once.  That’s what I’ve been working on this week.

We ran down to the hospital for a bit on Wednesday afternoon to meet Cameron, who was born late Monday afternoon, and to deliver his little quilt.  His father, who is the son of a quilter, wasted no time in making sure Cameron was cozy and warm with the quilt wrapped around him.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and messages about Lester — they were greatly appreciated and helped enormously.  Lester has been slowly recovering.  This is his third stroke and the recovery time has been longer this time.  As of Thursday night he’s eating on his own, drinking and even playing a bit with kitty toys.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions watching him, wondering how well he’ll recover.   We took no pictures of him this week until last night, when he was acting more like Lester, our house lion — lounging in the kitty bed near the kitty toy basket. We were, once again, extremely lucky.

There has been good news with Smudge as well.  He finally seems to be eating enough on his own.  So much so that Thursday was the first day in close to three months that there was no syringe feeding at all. Tuesday and Wednesday were rather tough days with syringe feeding necessary for both of them and then Thursday was like magic — they were both eating on their own.  Smudge was having a snooze after eating on Thursday night.

23 thoughts on “Farmer’s Delight in Stages

  1. YAAAAAAAAY no syringe feedings – HAPPY HAPPY DAY! Go Lester, Go Smudge – get better and STAY BETTER, boys!! We (Z & I) are very happy that both boys are doing well, and we hope hope hope their improvement continues! Oh what a roller-coaster!


  2. Cathi – I am so sad to hear about Lester. I do hope he improves – what a worry for you. I love your blocks…no need to reply – I know you are busy looking after Lester. Hope Smudge isnt feeling bad too ♥


  3. What a beautiful picture of young Cameron, wrapped in love! Hugs to both kitties, sounds as they really need it at the moment – and to you and Mr Q.O., because it is a worrying time for you both.


  4. You know I love the Farmer’s Delight blocks! I think because they are so much like my Whirlygig blocks!! Beautiful! Cameron looks just wonderful all snuggled in your quilt. Perfect gift. Glad that Lester is feeling a little better. I know how you are feeling and it is tough.


  5. I’m so happy to hear that your felines are doing so much better!
    And such a cute little boy wrapped up in that wonderful baby quilt! It fits him well!
    And then of course your blocks are wonderful as they always are!


  6. Awww Cameron looks very content being wrapped up in that quilt. What a little cutie!!

    I’m so happy the boys are getting better. I was so worried!!



  7. What a treat….to see the baby all snuggled into his beautiful quilt.
    So glad to hear of the great progress that both boys are making…eating on their own, playing and looking so regal.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Cathi.♥


  8. Reading your blog posting this am made a wonderful start to my day! Good news about the kitties, a wonderful pic of baby Cameron all snuggled in a wonderful quilt and beautfiful and inspiring quilt blocks…all reasons to celebrate! You do fabulous things with the Inklingo collections!


  9. You’ve sure been through the wringer with worry about your cats! So glad they are both doing better.

    What a neat photo of the baby wrapped in your quilt. That’s my favorite way to see a quilt — being used!


  10. What a wonderful post! Beautiful blocks…and that baby wrapped in YOUR quilt…every stitch, sore finger and tangled thread was worth that photo alone! Glad kitties are stable and improving…hugs to the furry ones and to the “O’s”!


  11. I am so impressed with your Farmer’s Delight blocks — just beautiful — and the photo of the baby wrapped in your quilt is so adorable.

    Great news about Lester and Smudge — you must be so relieved.


  12. Just catching up on post and have this and previous 2 posts before this one.
    Firstly, I’m relieved to hear that Lester has recovered from his stroke. It must have been quite an anxious time for you as well as having to syringe two kitties… it was bad enough one bunny for a week.
    Bunny smooches to the two of them.

    Secondly, the pinwheel baby quilt is gorgeous.. lucky baby 🙂 He looks so cute all wrapped up in it.

    And last but not least, your Farmers Delight blocks are GORGEOUS!! I am so impressed with these.

    Take care, Ellyx


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